Monday, 31 October 2011

Hitting the High Notes

Today's High Notes are only high compared to how rubbish I felt for most of last week - I guess they are more like the high notes in a good karaoke song than something an opera singer would be proud of, but they are my high notes, so there! Anyone who wants to complain can (to quote from Futurama) kiss my shiny metal ass!

My cold/flu thingy has more or less gone!  Yay!!!!!  No more feeling that my brain has turned to ooze and is trying to escape down my nose!

To make sure I got better, Mrs RC made me the best banoffee pie ever.  It was so good, in fact, that the kids decided that it was not just for me and managed to eat most of it for me.

I had a check at the dentists this morning and got the all clear.  This always gives a good feeling, does it not?

Starting the new week with a clear head - plenty to do but I can handle it - BRING IT ON!


Shrinky said...

Like I say, please, please, please send Mrs. RC round to our gaff, we need her, we want her, and we promise to send her back again in less than a year (if we can come back with her)..

Glad you're feeling human again!

Rock Chef said...

Shrinky - I think our little house would burst at the seams if you all came back with her - sardines again! :-)

tz said...

what's a banofee pie? Not sure if that's something I don't know or something we just don't have on this side of the pond.

Rock Chef said...

TZ - Now I had always assumed that banoffee was an American thing. A pastry or biscuit base, caramel sauce, bananas, cream, grated chocolate... Surely you have it over there?

terri said...

Missed a few of your posts this week! Glad you are feeling better.

I didn't know what a banoffee pie was, though I'm sure you might have mentioned this before. Just googled it and OH MY GOSH! That looks and sounds amazing. I may have to attempt to make one of these. Kids would LOVE it!

agg79 said...

Never heard of banoffee pie but it sounds delicious. Sorry you are under the weather. At least your humor hasn't been dimmmed, especially if you are channeling Bender quotes.