Monday, 6 December 2010

Snow days!

The end of last week saw most of England grind to a halt under heavy snow.

Usual snow duties befell me - feeding Humphrey the pony, making sure relative had what they needed, walking dogs etc.

Suzie-Pickle continues to keep us all busy too...

The snow has now gone, but it is cold and foggy outside [shiver].

More later - got some catching up to do!


cv said...

This season is my favorite for sleeping! really can't work on anything, except sleeping..anyways nice blog to be bookmarked!

Head Chef CV

wReggie said...

Damn funny picture of Custard.

agg79 said...

Snow duty - It's a tough job, but someone has to do it. At least you got a chance to spend more time with the pup. And you are right - Suzie is smaller than Custard's head.

Love the wicked smile. Custard's got that look that says: "just look away for a minute, I'll watch the pup..."

terri said...

So you finally got a decent snowfall... and it all melted away? Bummer! Of course, snow probably doesn't make for good cycling weather.

The picture of Custard cracked me up! Is he smiling? What's going on with his eyes? One seems to have rolled back in his head! Suzie Pickle is adorable as ever!

Claire said...

The photo of Custard had me laughing out loud all by myself!!! It is so funny!

The other day I was grumbling to myself as I cleaned all the leaves,twigs, and pine needles from my windshield - and then I said to myself, "You could be cleaning snow and ice off of this car." I counted my blessings and drove off!

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

That's one evil smile! Let's hope Custard not going to munch on the puppy soon. :P