Monday, 18 October 2010

The Weekend

Had a good weekend - Saturday was really busy, Sunday was my Day of Rest - feet up, watching rubbish on TV, doing a bit of reading, snacking, etc.

Oh, I did cook the roast, but that is a one-braincell job, so no worries.

Back to work again - this morning was mayhem, no lunch until after 2pm, but now all is quiet so I am doing a spot of reading for my first assignment of the year.  Looking at cycles of boom and bust in the world economy.  Yes, very topical, and very interesting reading the different views.  I am finding myself siding more and more with the Marxist writers on a lot of this - a system driven purely by individual greed is bound to fall on its face from time to time.  Having said that, the alternatives are little better - Soviet Russia was hardly a thriving economy!

Right, diving back into the books now -



TechnoBabe said...

Get back to the books. Sometime tell me how you cooked the roast.

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Well..... Communist is an ideal state. (My opinion) but it was impossible to maintain the pure ideals. Everybody should be equal. But in real life, they aren't.

Reading about economy is boring! Ha ha ha!

agg79 said...

We could alwasy fall back to the feudal system. Capitalism has some benefits. It tends to drive innovation & change.

Rock Chef said...

TechnoBabe - I didn't do anything special to the roast - just threw it in the oven and left it for a few hours...

Shadowthorne - Communism in a nutshell!

Agg79 - The feudal system! Yeah! That was a real barrel of laughs! And you are right about the benefits of Capitalism, of course!

terri said...

Get back to those books, Mister and stop wasting time blogging!

Wait... what am I saying? I NEED you to waste time blogging. I count on this as part of my daily entertainment! Carry on.