Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Wednesday wittering

Made it to Wednesday!  YAY ME!!!!

Things are just so busy right now, I can't believe it!  What is so different this year?


Today is my youngest son's birthday - he is 12!  Jeez, I am starting to feel my age...

Tonight we are having a bit of a party - the theme is "Man v Food".

OK, we aren't going that stupid, but it is all about building burgers and wraps with as much filling as you think you can handle.  Should be a blast!

What else can I say?  Oh, the rain seems to be easing off - got to work reasonably dry this morning and it had actually stopped by lunchtime.  Will it hold off until I go home tonight?  We will see.

Oh, and what can I say?  I am working on Saturday this week too!  Not my usual stunt, but it is a University open day and I am doing a bit about GIS (computer mapping) which is always fun in a geeky way.  One of my maps was actually inspired by a couple of blogger friends - it shows population change in Michigan from 2000 to 2009.  It tells a rather sad story, one that I feel a personal attachment to thanks to blogging!

Ah well, back to polishing my presentation for Saturday! 

Have a great Wednesday!


TechnoBabe said...

Hope your son's birthday is a blast. Hubby and I watched the video. At least they weren't expecting one person to eat the giant burger.

terri said...

Happy birthday to your boy! The menu sounds great. I love the way you always seem to have so much fun as a family. Must admit I'm a little jealous. Mine all seem to want to go do their own thing above hanging out with family.

That burger is ridiculous! Doesn't even look very good. But they have the right idea... lots of cheese, lettuce, onions, tomatoes... YUM!

Have fun on Saturday. You know that I can appreciate being geeky about your work!

Anonymous said...

My oldest is amost that age...pass some advice this way!

Rock Chef said...

TechnoBabe - Yes, he does do some horrible challenges, but not this time.

Terri - I guess that burger is proof that bigger isn't always better?

Sparky - To be honest, I think that it is when they reach their teens that you really reap the rewards of good parenting when they are young. Mutual love and respect, plus boundaries that do not move under any circumstances are the key. Oh, and parents must present a united front at all times, do not let them "divide and conquer".