Wednesday, 27 October 2010

A walk in the country

Went for one of our walks with students this morning - great fun, as always,even though the weather was a bit grim.

The sun seemed to shine through the trees just for this pic.

I love the Autumn, but prefer it when it is a little warmer, dryer, less windy...

More soon.

Back again!

There were a few times when things got interesting - going through a field full of bullocks was one!  I kept the camera rolling just in case we had one of those blooper moments when someone got seriously mangled in a hilarious manner, but to no avail.  We got mooed at but that was all.

The weather seems to be settling down for my journey home, which is nice of it.  I hate cycling into a head wind after a long day.

I keep thinking that I should write a reply post to Terri's recent post about women's moods and how men should deal with/understand them.  A post about guy's feelings and how women could deal with/understand them.  This would be a very short post, though.  Men are simple creatures with simple emotions and needs.  IMO, a man needs the following to have a full and happy life:

  1. Food.  A well fed man is a happy man.
  2. Sex.  Preferably without having to beg or pay for it.
  3. Respect.  At least the pretence that he is needed and that his views are valuable.
  4. Toys.  Every guy needs toys of some sort - gadgets, cars, guitars, toy soldiers, welding equipment, scuba gear, etc.  We are, when all is said and done, children trapped in an adult's body.
See what I mean?  Hardly compares with Terri's masterpiece, but I guess this reflects the relative complexity of the subjects.

Please feel free to suggest additions to my list above, if I have missed anything!


wReggie said...

A sense of wellbeing and stability. Subset of number 3.

Adventure. Subset of number 4.

Booze. Good booze. Maybe cigars. And laughs.

Friends. Not many just a few very close friends.

terri said...

I was thinking how nice it would be if while working, we could take a break now and then and go on an adventure walk. I would prefer nice weather too, though. Our weather today is just as you've described yours: damp, windy and cold.

As for your list of men's needs, I think it must be true. At least in my experience, my hubby doesn't seem to require much more. Makes me feel a little bit bad about those moods we women have and all the things that might bring them on!

agg79 said...

Always nice to take a walk in the countryside, especially if it gets you our of meetings and work.

wReggie called it first. Booze & stogies. And a good 3 Stooges movie (or an action flick).

Rock Chef said...

wReggie - You are right - need to add a Social Life factor in there too!

Terri - Not many people get to go for a hike in the country and call it work! Don't feel bad about this - it might make you cranky! :-)

Agg79 - Hey, my walk WAS work! I guess guy-movies could either be in with Toys or the new Social Life section!

Claire said...

Loved the photos of your "work" - and the list! wReggie had some good additions too.

Rock Chef said...

Claire - Love the "" around Work. wReggie is a guy who knows how to enjoy life, so it was natural that he would have ideas.

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Ooo I'd like to have a walk with my students, but not with ALL of them, or some might go AWOL and had me tracking them down, and shoot them in the head for making me do so.... oh I am beyond myself.

I love your list. Especially the toys part. Come to think of it, your list is very true regarding guys. Man is simple, woman complicated. etc etc.

Too bad about the bullocks blooperless moments :)

Everyday Goddess said...

Food, Sex, Respect, Toys.

Simple, and to the point. I like it!

Sounds like your ideal Autumn is really Summer, lol!

Kiki said...

Your list on men....dead on. It is so true and so easy....and that is a good thing as I'm high maintenance. Heehee!!

Loved your walk and the view was incredible, lucky your job takes you out of doors on all sorts of fun adventures!!