Friday, 9 April 2010


We went shopping yesterday and picked up a few movies.

One was a movie that we had wanted to see at the cinema but we missed it for various reasons. I won't say what it was. Last night, we settled in for an early night to watch it in comfort.

The movie started.

Seemed OK...

That's strange, how did she know her way around a town that she has only just arrived in?

Wow, this woman is a dreadful actress!

They have just walked 50 miles, where did that car come from?

You get the idea, I think.

Then my daughter came in. She had seen the movie at the cinema.

"What's this?"

We told her.

"Is it? I don't think this is what I saw. I don't recognise these people."

We showed her the DVD case.

She laughed.

"No, this isn't it, it is just a movie with the same name!"

Argh! How could we do that? We put it down to the stress of recent events. Ah well, another movie to join my collection of "Bad Movies" I guess.

And it WAS bad...


Can't really talk about the "recent events" but things do seem to be taking a turn in the right direction. Might even be able to laugh about it at some point! Have a great weekend!


Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Your movie adventure was almost similar with mine.

I bought a pirated dvd some weeks ago and just got the time to watch it last night.

It was a great action film, full of blood and mayhem - my kind of entertainment. But SUDDENLY at 56:03 of the film, the damn movie stopped!!! Goddammit!! It was almost the conclusion of the film!!! I screamed but didn't dare to whack my brand new home theater set (not that stupid, apparently).

Will have a private talk with the pirate this weekend.

Rock Chef said...

Hahahahaha! Well that is what you get for buying a Pirate copy! :-)

wigsf said...

Unfair dude, unfair.

You're supposed to tell us the name of the movie!

Rock Chef said...

wigsf - What, and ruin your chances of having the fun that we did?

terri said...

I know things are out of hand when you're gone most of the week. That's not like you. Hope things settle down soon and everything turns out for the best.

agg79 said...

I was hoping you'd share the movie name with us so we would be spared the agony/frustration. Well, that just shows you gotta watch what you order. Never know what the story will turn out like.

Hope things are going better for you. Share what you can, keep watching those bad movies and have a good weekend.

James said...

Ouch sorry to hear that things have not been good for you John.
That was funny about the movie.
I used to buy Pirate DVDs but don't any more on principle. I either rent or buy cheap on Amazon. Aren't I a good citizen?

Teresa said...

We rented "The Box" with Cameron Diaz and it was horrible!! Don't waste your time on that one.