Monday, 26 April 2010


This is, as you might already know, my dad's dog, Spot.

Yes, Terri, I know he hasn't got any very visible spots. There are a couple of slightly darker bits on his ears, though, and I think the name was chosen in the hope that they would get darker, which they never did.

He's a funny little dog. Looking at that picture you would never guess that he was once so nervous that a vet recommended having him put down, would you? Nothing scares him now!

My daughter really loves him and spoils him rotten. She often comes on walks with us and always has a pocket full of treats. We sometimes walk to the local shop with him where, you guessed it, she buys him something especially nice.

There is only one thing that I would now change about Spot - his eagerness to eat things that he finds when we are out walking. He is better now than he used to be, but some days he just can't help himself....

Another Spot has a big place in my heart. These cartoons and the books that they were based on were a big part of life when the kids were small. My older daughter particularly liked this episode:

Have a great week!


terri said...

Clearly Spot is a fighter and a survivor! He seems like a great dog!

I loved those little Spot cartoons too.

Rock Chef said...

Terri - Spot is a great little dog, I guess he is the arch-typical Jack Russel. The Spot cartoons made it to the USA? Wow, I never realised! You gave us The A-Team and WWF Wrestling, we gave you Spot the Dog!

TechnoBabe said...

Spot is a fortunate little pup to have so many people wanting to take walks with him and give him treats too. I wonder if Spot knew just how close he came to be "put down". Yikes.

Rock Chef said...

Technobabe - Just another reason to be scared?

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Look at Spot.
See Spot run.
Look at Spot now.
He is jumping over the fence.
Good boy Spot!

(I never actually read this book, but I've seen excerpts of it somewhere)

Rock Chef said...

Shadowthorne - See Spot eat the fox poop. Bad boy Spot!

lisleman said...

first time here - looks interesting
I noticed you live in Kent which if I remember is where Leeds is??? We went there once.
I was expecting you might work "spot on" into the post.
Always enjoy the differences we have in a common language.

Claire said...

Hi - It is great to be back and to be able to read your blogs! I've missed reading about your adventures! Loved Spot!

Rock Chef said...

lisleman - Hi! It depends which Leeds you are talking about. Leeds Castle is in Kent, but the city of Leeds is in Yorkshire, "up North". I will remember the "spot on" idea for a future post...

Clare - Welcome back! Missed you too!