Friday, 16 April 2010


Friday again!

This week flew past again, not helped by me having to take yesterday off. On Tuesday, Number One Son had a brace fitted to his top teeth. That evening he noticed that part of it had come loose, so he had to go back yesterday to have it reattached. With all the stuff that is going on at the moment, I decided it would be easier on Mrs RC if I took him while she had the day she had planned - sorting out the vegetable patch in my dad's garden.

The brace was fixed really quickly and we were back home by lunchtime, so I went to visit Mrs RC in the veg patch. Not sure how it happened, but I ended up digging over the potato patch. Much as I profess to hate gardening, I really enjoyed this, partly out of amazement at the size of some of the worms I was finding. I swear that some were almost as fat as my little finger!

We got a lot of stuff planted yesterday, and the rest of the beds are now ready for next month when we can plant up things that can't go out yet. Felt good! Maybe there is still a chance that I will become a gardener?


The academic year draws to an end - in less than a month my exams will be over - revision is under way - hope my old brain can retain enough to get me through - thank God for coursework bumping up the marks!


Just before the exams, though, a friend and I will be attempting a git of geekiness that we planned last year - he is flying over from Canada and part of his trip is for the two of us to meet up at Hastings and refight the battle with toy soldiers. We tried it last year but the trains and Swine Flu conspired to make it impossible. Fingers crossed for this year!

That's it for this week! Have a great weekend!


agg79 said...

Digging (playing?) in the dirt can sometimes be fun. Worms are good for the garden, helping aerate the soil. Besides, they are a good source of protein...

And flying over from Canada? Long road trip for some wargaming.

Have a good weekend!

Rock Chef said...

Agg79 - Yes, I try not to hurt the worms. The wargame is, of course, only a small part of the trip.

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Hurm, I love vegetables, but I hate the fuss of having to plant them. I do not understand why children, and even grown ups who do not like to eat the vegs.

I personally force anybody to finish their vegs whenever they have a meal with me.

Princess of the Universe said...

I am positively delighted that the Academic year is essentially over. I'll be even happy when the last Senate happens in June.
Universities are wonderful and exhausting!

Princess of the Universe said...

** note "happier" not "happy" :P

terri said...

I don't know if you're becoming a gardener or if you just like doing anything alongside Mrs. RC. :-)

I'm sure you'll do great on those exams. You seem to have a pretty impressive brain inside that head.

Hope your visit with your friend goes as planned this time around.

Marie said...

Good luck with the exams and have a great weekend!

James said...

Hi John! Long time no speak.
Gardens should have grass on them. And barbacues. Nuff said.

Hope the trip for your friend is not this week or next? That volcanic ash cloud doesn't look like it is gonna go away

Kiki said...

I'm with Terri on this....I think you like anything that involves being alongside Mrs. RC....but I feel the same way about Ken, been known to "help" with an oil change or two just to hang out with him!!

Your boggy meet up sounds fun, hoping its not planned for soon because that volcanic ash is putting a damper on all flight plans! See....I've been saying for years that travel by boat is safer and more reliable...finally, I am proven right! Heehee!

Rock Chef said...

Shadowthorne - Hm, I suspect you were not forced to eat sprouts when you were a child...

Princess - Yep, another 3 weeks and it will all be over for me! Until September, anyway.

Terri - Gardening is not something that we usually do together. Gardening is "her thing". But I could see that she was impressed with the speed that I turned over that patch! Oooh Yeah! :-)

Marie - thanks, I think I will need it!

James - I agree with the barbeques! Our own garden is now totally lacking grass!

Kiki - Sooner or later, women are always right :-)