Wednesday, 11 February 2009


This morning I went to feed my mom's pony and couldn't find the bucket that we put his oats and stuff in.

"Where is your bucket?" I asked.

Thud, thud. Humphrey was kicking the bucket into view...

Custard was a little ill over the weekend, having runny poop. He utterly refuses to go in our garden, he just sits and whines to go for a walk. I was out with him at 1am on Sunday morning. As reward for being such a good dog (not doing his stuff in the house or in our garden, saving it for the rough field nearby) my wife found a medal for him - a gold medal on a red, white and blue ribbon, which she hung around his neck. He now wears it all of the time he is at home, letting us take it off when we go out and then sitting while we put it back on when we get back home. I tried it on once, but he got very upset with me.

Son: "I'm going to have a bath."

Daughter: "Try something new today!" (This is the catchphrase for Jaimie Oliver's ads that he is doing for a UK supermarket chain.)

I have volunteered to take part in some experiments at the Uni. Tomorrow night I am having my brainwaves monitored. I have got a vision of the guys thinking that the equipment is broken when they can't pick anything up!

Hope you are having a good week!


terri said...

Poor Custard. Hope he's feeling better.

So your kids DO nitpick at each other now and then like normal kids! :-)

I wonder if the brainwave monitoring will pick up on any of those wild dreams you tend to have?

mr zig said...

hehe, love this post - the medal thing is awesome :)

Chief Rock Chef said...

Terri - Of course the kids nitpick! I hope I haven't been painting them as totally saintly or something!

Zig - That is funny isn't it? My dog is such a dork!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Terri, again - My dreams? Hm, another reason for them to think that the equipment is broken!

Real Live Lesbian said...

I love the medal idea. Trace (my rottie mix) would love to have one!

Hope you're having a wonderful day, too!

Jen said...

Humphrey is one smart cookie!

Runny dog poo is no fun. That's amazing he won't do it anywhere but the field! That's hard to do when you're sick.

I heart Jaimie Oliver!

Looking forward to the brain wave post.

My week isn't too bad either. I wouldn't mind so much if it was better, but I can't complain too heavily.

Chief Rock Chef said...

Real Live Lesbian - Great to see you here! I am sure Trace would look wonderful with a medal!

Jen - Custard's determination to do it in the field amazes us - we are, of course, infinitely grateful too!

Michele said...

Brain wave scanning? Are you crazy? Don't you remember the movie Scanners?

No, really, I think that it is cool you get to help out the university like that.

nonna said...

first off it's really weird (at least to me) that we are Both having sleep studies done on us tomorrow night.

secondly, daggumit! you are gonna make me go back thru old posts to figure out who or what the animals/ppl are you're referring to huh? custard is a dog. i got that. who is humphrey the pony or another horse or what?

thirdly, (shutup i like that word) terri - that is not pickin on each other. if you think that is siblings pickin on each other you don't know what's what. blackeyes, stiches, blood, teasin that one of 'em adopted, things such as these are siblings fighting :)

Marie said...

Hope Custard feels better soon. It is amazing that he manages not to poo in the house or garden. He really deserves that medal.

Chief Rock Chef said...

Michele - Cool! I could do something really crazy and blame the tests!

Nonna - You too? I am not sure I am supposed to sleep, but that is strange. We will have to compare notes! Custard is the dog, Humphrey is the pony - shouldn't be hard to find pics of both. Yes, I know my kids are nothing to what some get up to, but Terri seemed to think that mine are angels!

Marie - Hi! Custard is all better now, thanks. His ability to hold it in did amaze us - I certainly couldn't have done it!

James said...

John I am confident your superior brain waves will blow their equipment to bits!!

Chief Rock Chef said...

James - Wouldn't that be funny? Will post about it tomorrow.

Kiki said...

I can't wait to hear about the brain waves post...should be good...I hope you don't blow their equipment up with all your powerful thoughts!!! Heehee!!

Poor Custard, hope he is feeling better soon!!

Um Naief said...

i just finished reading Marley & Me and truly, you and your family remind me of his family! especially putting the medal around his neck and being out at 1 am to take him for a walk.

i think our dog is depressed.... or something. he doesn't seem very chipper.... and i don't know dogs that well. made an appt to take him to the vet... maybe it's just him trying to settle in... or maybe he needs a friend!