Monday, 9 February 2009

Rubber duckie,you're the one!

The other day, my youngest was looking through the Guinness Book of Records, as he likes to do, when he found an entry about the biggest rubber duck in the world:

It is 82 feet tall!

Isn't that amazing?

I also thought of a wonderful use for it or others like it. It could be used instead of Rehab clinics. Just think, instead of months of slow painful withdrawl from drugs you could just take someone to see this and they would never want to touch the stuff again!

Any other suggested uses for am 82 foot tall rubber duck?


Miss Got Wings said...


I see a Macy's Parade in his future. Just needs a few strings and he's good to go!

Claire said...

Put it next to the kissing statute on Kik's blog! Talk about the Land of the Giants!!!! I love that rubber ducky!

jenelle said...

people have WAY too much time and money on their hands.

Michele said...

I have a strange collection of rubber duckies, but none are THIS big! Too cool...
p.s. I have not bought a single one of the duckies I own. Sometimes new ones just appear, and I have no idea where they are coming from. Latest was a tiny (only the size of a thumbnail) blue duckie with devil horns showed up on top of my computer monitor. Strange...Very strange, indeed!

Ali said...

RIDE IT!!!!!

It's sitting in water, right?

Damn, I'd be first in line to ride that thing :)

And I sing Ellery the rubber duckie song every night while she smashes her duck's head on the side of the tub, and tries to drown it.

terri said...

I want to take a bath in the tub that holds that rubber duckie! I hope it's a whirlpool tub!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Miss Got Wings - Yes, I can see that!

Claire - Yeah, that would be good! It could even be used as a stealth ship - who would suspect it?

Jenelle - How true!

Michele - So we know where to look if it goes missing!

Ali - Ride it! What a great idea! Are you thinking of towing it behind a speed boat? White water rafting with it? Just bobbing around on it? Love the vision of bath time!

Terri - That would be one big bathtub!

mr zig said...

Riding it would be pretty awesome - It would be fun to see how many people you could get on it! :)

Chief Rock Chef said...

Zig - A new world record! How many people can you sit on a rubber duck? Falling off might be bad, though, especially for those sitting on its head!