Monday, 29 September 2008


Well, today is the day that I become a part-time student again! Mad, I know, but what the hell. I will see how I get on.

So, while I get ready for my first lecture, here are some photos.

This used to be a small disused factory. A recent change in the tax laws meant that the owners of empty buildings like this were to be taxed on it. The idea was to encourage the owners to rent them out at reduced rates. The real result is that it is often cheaper to demolish the building than to pay the tax. This is becoming known as "The Bomb-Site Tax",


The local seafront at dusk. This view always makes me feel 5 years old again.

Sunset at low tide. In the middle distance on the left is a line of rocks. Local legend has it that these were once a row of houses that lost the battle with the sea. I keep meaning to check that story out!

Back soon, have fun!


Jen said...

Oh! I'd love to hear if that story is true!

What are you now studying?

Chief Rock Chef said...

Jen - I am finishing the Geography degree that I started 4 years ago but dropped when we lost our daughter. I feel ready now.

James said...

Good luck John.

tz said...

great pictures
and woo hoo, back to school! I love it when I hear I'm not the only person in my age bracket going back!

Good luck!

Claire said...

Thanks for the photos - very calming for a crazy Monday - best wishes on going backt to school - it is an idea that I think about often - glad you're doing it.

Chief Rock Chef said...

James - Thanks - and you have a photo now too!

tz - Yes. I enjoy the lectures and doing assignments, but I detest the exams! Maybe I will enjoy them more this time as the situation will be better.

Claire - Glad you like the photos. What would you study if you went back?

terri said...

Back to school? What's this all about? You must elaborate on this!

The effects of that tax are very sad. There must be a better way.

Your pictures are beautiful!

mindy said...

See, now THESE are great photos!!

Claire said...

Dreaming - I would like to go back for an art degree.
Reality - English - my company would pay 90% of my costs if I took courses that could be used at work (newspaper)and I got B's and A's.