Friday, 1 August 2008

Feeding time for the Moorhens

These little guys live in the pond in the middle of the University that I work at. There are 2 adults and two lots of babies here at the moment. One of my colleagues feeds them live bugs each day - no wonder they don't leave!

Have a great weekend, everyone. Not sure what I am up to, but I hope it will include a bit of tennis on Sunday!


Anonymous said...

They're CUTE! Especially the babies!

Kiki said...

They are super cute...I love watching them get out of the cute. I wonder if they would eat deer ticks. This might be the kind of pet that would be useful.

Sitting in Silence said...

They are very cute...we have a local pond with ducks and Stumpy just loves going for a visit !

Um Naief said...

does she get the live bugs from a bait shop or what?? they seem to love them... didn't realize that ducks would tear into bugs like that.

hope you had a great weekend and the tennis game was in your favor.