Monday, 25 February 2008

Just shoot me!

What a weekend. My dad moved house, 2 doors down on the same road. We went around to help him move - my job was supposed to be to move his dog's kennel and the fencing around his run, but half of the planned help did not arrive so we ended up spending Saturday moving the house contents, hardly any of which had been packed!

By mid afternoon my wife and I seemed to be the only ones around actually doing any work (and my wife is still supposed to be taking it easy after her operation) but by around 6 o'clock the house contents had been moved and things were looking livable.

Sunday was spent doing my Saturday job - dismaltling, moving and rebuilding the kennel (formerly our children's wooden play house) and then fencing in an area around it so that the dog could not take itself walkies when outside.

I have now booked Wednesday as holiday so I can do the final job - moving the birds and their aviary from the old garden to the new one. This was supposed to have been done on Saturday too, but...

Oh, almost forgot the final bit of excitement - he had not informed anyone that he was moving, so we are having to inform the utility companies, banks, doctors, etc, etc for him too.


Last night as I collapsed onto the sofa I told my kids that if I ever tried anything like that they should shoot me. They readily agreed.


Logziella said...

Coming from someone who has just moved also...I FEEL your pain!! I ended up being the only one who packed our entire house and with some help from Rachael, I unpacked too!! Chuck kept on underestimating the task of packing and thwarting my plans of packing early. Well...he was supposed to be packing the rest of the house the week I was here painting. MUCH TO MY SURPRISE...when I arrived home on Saturday and people were begining to arrive to help us load...I saw that 1/2 of the house was still not packed!! It was a race for me to get things packed before all the loaders ran out of stuff to load! It was exhausting and completely NOT what I had planned on! To Chuck's defense...even though he had taken vacation days...he still had to keep all his work projects on task the entire time so most of his time was spent that week taking care of the kiddos and working from home. Then of course he fell sick right after we moved in just in time to not have to unpack!! I think I am finally over being upset about it now. Ha!

P.S.-in an earlier comment, you metioned Rachael blogging. Her link is "Everyday with Rachael Rae" on my link list. I think you missed that announcement when you were helping your wife after her operation. :0)

Rock Chef said...

Ahah! I had seen comments by her but had not put 2 and 2 together!

As for your moving adventures, I as amazed by what you achieved. You should be really proud of yourself.

Jen said...

oh boy. . . that's rough. No if's, and's or but's about it - moving is tough enough without added "duties".

Bummer, but you know, your dad is one lucky guy to have his son and son's family there for him.

Rachael Rae Diaries said...

I totally understand the moving thing! I have moved 7 times in the last 4 years! It is a lot of work! I also help Logziella move, my aunt arrived today and I am going over there right after work to help them and then I have to move too! It always seems that other people are never prepared but if it was you then you know it would have been done right!

Terri said...

That sounds exhausting! Your dad is so lucky to have you.

P.S. Love how you describe it as "moving house." We just say "moving" and everyone just understands it's means moving to a new house.

Kiki said...

Rock Chef at last count I have moved 27 times...I have stopped counting as I am about to move again. We just bought a new house (unbuilt as of now) I am about to embark on another move. I feel your pain!!! I am so glad to hear that you were able to help your father, and I am completely impressed that your father has dogs and an aviary...that is so neat!!!

Hang in there, it'll be over soon!!

Rock Chef said...

Jen - I hope he realises it!

Rachael - So you are a bit of a veteran at your young age! I hope you trim things down a bit if you come over there to live!

Terri - We use "moving" too, but I tend to think that by saying that "my dad is moving" it just sounds like I am confirming that he is still alive!

Kiki - OMG! Are you a total nomad or something? There must be Tuareg tribesmen who move less often than you!

Rachael Rae Diaries said...

Actually I plan on only moving once while I am there. One family is enough and if I have to move more that once then it will be back to the states!wkevsr

kenady said...

You are a saint! I understand about the moving thing as well as I was a daughter of a military man... I have moved 10 times and that's just from one city to another, I didn't add in there how many times I moved within cities.

amazingbrenda said...

Happy Mother's Day to your wife! Moving, yeah it's a pain. Glad you were able to help & take care of those last minute things, Yikes!!

We are moving this year to a hopefully house or condo with no neighbors on the bottom or top. We are stil looking. I want to pack already & be ready. The good thing is we don't have much. The main thing is the furniture.

Get some rest.