Tuesday, 19 February 2008


I don't know, he had such a promising start with this movie and he ended up doing those dreadful Matrix movies! Oh well...

Anyway, the lovelly Marie has decided that my blog is EXCELLENT and gave me this cool award:

Thank you for giving me this award. I am never quite sure I deserve things like this, there are many others out there who have far more interesting and exciting blogs than I do, but I get a few regular readers so I guess it can't be that bad.

Now I am supposed to pass this on to someone else - always a hard choice!

First I will choose Princess of the Universe, who has been tackling some tricky personal issues on her blog and deserves a pat on the back and a big hug from everyone.

Secondly I will choose Terri because of her amazing mix of real-life problems, humour and wonderful photography.

Finally I will choose Ali who should be having the time of her life being pregnant but is instead contantly ill and feeling dreadful. Poor girl, maybe this will help a little?

Right, time to cycle home through the cold, dark evening in search of dinner!


Jahooni said...

Congrats on your new guitar!

You deserve all the niceness awards, thanks for always making me smile and all the kind comments you leave for me and all the great stories and all the..... okay enough already!

Princess of the Universe said...

Awww...thanks so much!
You're always so sweet!

Ali said...

Oh John - you always know just what to do or say to make my sorry ass feel better.

You are very Excellent, and no one deserves this award more than you.

But thanks...I love it!

Terri said...

Your blog IS Excellent and you totally deserve this award! How else could I have made a friend across a whole ocean if not for your wonderful blog? Thank you so much for passing this on to me. I'm not sure I deserve it, but it means a lot to me that you think I do!

kenady said...

Excellent, dude! Totally bogus:) You so totally deserve this totally excellent award, dude!

Rock Chef said...

Jahooni - No, not enough, I want more!

Princess - Too nice for my own good sometimes!

Ali - Awe shucks...

Terri - Good point. It is easy to take blogging etc for granted without really thinking about what is going on. And you know you deserve it really!

Kenady - You are too good at that - I bet you talk like that all the time!

Jen said...

That's awesome! You do have an excellent blog - the fact that you always are/were nice in commenting to Mindy Does Minneapolis was the reason I started to read yours.

I read "Princess" (almost to Stalkerella mode) and that award is very well deserved for her too. I'll have to check out the others you recommend. So many blogs; so little time!