Thursday, 14 February 2008

It's Valentine's Day!

Yes, it is that day again! Millions of dollars worth of over-priced cards, flowers and chocolates will be changing hands and thousands of us will be hoping we got a good table at the over-booked restaurant tonight. Will the roses be up to standard? Future happiness could depend on it!

Ah, what the hell? Do we really need a special day for being nice to our husband/wife/girlfriend? If you answered "YES" you should be ashamed of yourself! Be nice all of the time - well most of the time, at least, I accept that all of the time is probably impossible...

To tell the truth, this is only the third Valentine's Day that my wife and I have celebrated - and we have been together for a long time.!

"Why?" I hear you ask. Now that is a very good question! Aren't you proud that you thought of it?

Well, you see, when my wife and I first got together money was rather tight. Year after year circumstances conspired to ensure that come Feb we were totally, and I mean TOTALLY, broke. Flowers, cards, chocolates and special meals were out of the question. So we just treated it as another normal day. We had each other, we were in love and what else mattered?

As time passed, we found that we were not TOTALLY broke when Feb arrived but we were so used to not celebrating that it stayed that way. For a long time my wife said to me that if I ever bought her anything special for Valentine's Day she would suspect that I was having an affair!

Anyway, we finally broke our tradition a couple of years ago - not sure why - but I am glad we did. We exchanged cards and presents at 6am when I was getting up to walk the dog and we are going to have something nice for dinner tonight. Not sure what, but it looks like it is my choice unless it stops being my choice at some point! We will see.

Anyway, have a great Valentine's Day. Give your husband/ wife/ girlfriend/ boyfriend/ mistress/ toy boy an extra big hug. If you are single, get out and hook someone for the night. If you don't fancy that watch a good movie and scoff a ton of chocolate - whatever makes you happy!

Love to you all.


Terri said...

I'm with you. We don't need a special day to tell someone we love them. (But it's sure working out well for Hallmark.) Most of the time, we don't "celebrate" Valentine's Day either, though apparently this year, he's broken the rules and says he has a card for me. I'll surprise him and cook a nice meal and we'll call it good!

Jen said...

This sounds like the story of the husband and I. We were flat out broke when we first got together & since Valentine's Day was never a big one on my list, we just skipped it. Purposefully. Many times the husband worked anyhow.

Now we have some extra money, but the husband still works the holiday & I guess we are keeping with the tradition of no formal celebrations. I'm okay with it. He's okay with it. We are good together in that way.

Happy Valentine's to you and your wife as well.

Rock Chef said...

Terri - Sounds great! Have a wonderful evening.

Jen - It is getting spooky - we have far more in common that I first imagined. You will be telling me you play electric guitar next!

Ali said...

I love the idea of Valentine's Day - but in reality, I say "I love you" so much on a daily basis that it's not like it means more that day.

I told the husband long ago that as long as he got me a card - or made me one - that he had put some thought into, and wrote exactly what he was feeling - I would be a happy wife. And I always am.

And often we'll go out for dinner on a night close to the day, just to avoid the crowds and getting rushed out by waiters.

Happy Valentine's Day and love to you and yours John!

mindy said...

Nice post. I am with Ali- I think as long as you show a little effort that's all that matters. I mean, if you're a jerk every other day out of the year and ONE DAY (Valentine's Day) you show some effort, well that's not good, but you get what I'm saying.

Happy Valentine's Day to you & your wife!

Marie said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your wife as well!

I've awarded you an E for Excellent Blog award. Details on my blog.

Kiki said...

Rock Chef, Ken and I are on the same page except instead of being broke we just don't like being forced to do something that doesn't feel genuine. We do go to dinner and Ken does buy me a card, but I make his cards and try to do things that are home made for him...I think it makes it more of our own if we just remain low key about it!!!
I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day!!!!

amazingbrenda said...

Since the kids have been born, we don't have much $$$. But I agree, that we don't have to celebrate Valentine's day to show our souse how much I love him.

Usually we make up for it on our anniversary since it's on the 19th. You see my son was born on the 18th of Feb then our anniversary is on the 19th, so with all the B-day party planning, we now skip valentine's. Usually we x-change a card. Not this year though.