Monday, 14 January 2008


Hm, not really much to say today. The weekend was uneventful, but at least restful for once. I have started messing around in preparation for a video blog but have discovered that the software I have crashes everytime I try to export - it is fine if I want to put stuff onto a DVD but will not create anything that I can put on the web. Doh! I will try something I downloaded to see if that will fix my problem.

Oh, something that the sadistic among you may enjoy. After being at work for around an hour I looked down and realised that the trousers I am wearing have a split in the crotch. Aren't staplers a wonderful invention?


Terri said...

I didn't laugh at that at all. No, REALLY. (LOL!)

Ali said...

Ahahahahahahaha! Split crotch pants! What a fantastic way to start the week!


mindy said...

I would die laughing if I walked in on a coworker stapling his crotch. Then I'd go tell everyone.

Jen said...

That's not funny. Okay. . . . it IS really funny! I have felt such pain before, but I managed to find some safety pins around the office.

Erm. How are staples going to work when you ride your bike home? On second thought. . . never mind.

Jahooni said...


I was THINKING the same thought. staples vs bike seat... yikes.

AaroN said...

You removed your trousers before stapling, right?!

Kiki said...

Oh Rock Chef, that is too funny!!! I am sorry to laugh at your dilemma but what a resourceful man you are...I can't say my husband would have thought of that. The funny thing is that today an employee felt like his shirt was too baggy so he stapled the sides to make it tighter-weird but it worked!

Um Naief said...

i'd say the split is a bit worse than the zipper down!! how long did it take until you realized it??

and yes, staplers are a wonderful invention! i've had to mend hems with them in the past... but i've also been known to use paperclips for such! ;) but don't think paperclips would have helped your situation much!!

kenady said...

The sad thing is that I think all of your blogger friends are sadistic! That confession about the split in your trousers really was the highlight of my blog reading this evening! Thanks:)

Rock Chef said...

Terri - Liar!

Ali - Happy to brighten your day!

Mindy - I would expect no less!

Jen - Safety pins are not an option in that location.

Jen and Jahooni - I did not cycle home in those trousers, I changed back onto my cycling trousers. Thanks for the concern, though.

Aaron - About half way so I could pinch the seams together without risking injury.

Kiki - I like the idea of taking in clothes with the stapler!

Um Naief - it was about an hour before I realised what had happened. No, paper clips would not have helped!

Kenady - You seem to be right! Do I get "Oh no, how embarassing"? No, I get universal laughter, ridicule and people wondering if I impaled myself on the way home! Gotta love you people!