Friday, 18 January 2008

Extreme Dumbness?

The subject of dumbness has come up a few times recently. This morning I heard some new evidence.

This is a picture taken in The Lake District, one of Britain's best mountain areas.

In the UK, Mountain Rescue teams are unpaid volunteers, but they are getting really annoyed with people who just don't use these areas sensibly - going out in unsuitable clothing, without drinks and food, in silly weather (someone was recently killed because the wind blew him off a cliff).

They are now making public some of the "Emergency" calls they get from walkers and climbers. Here are 2 examples that really stuck in my mind:

A group of walkers called the Rescue services for help.

The reason?

They were getting tired and did not want to walk any further.

Another group called and asked for a helicopter to pick them up.

The reason?

The walk was taking longer than expected and were in danger of being late for a dinner party.



amazingbrenda said...

Oh I know what these people are called. IDIOTS, they should make them pay some kind of fine.

Way to go on your niece. That's pretty cool that she'll get to play at the festival, thing a magig. Oh & yes, she is a beauty!

I laughed when you I read the part abut your staple crotch, I mean stapled pants. I once had to do that also, not on my crotch but the stitching on the seem of my pants became undone, so I stapled away.

Logziella said...

Were they American tourists? LOL! I can make that joke b/c I am American...otherwise I would have been offended if someone else did. LOL!! Just kidding!

We have stupid things like that here too...what kind of parents did these people have anyway?? :0)

Jen said...

What's wrong with wanting a helo to pick me. . . .er. . . .them up b/c I, I mean, they were late for a dinner party? Who wouldn't want to arrive in style?

In all seriousness, this is how people get killed. I can't imagine getting blown by wind off a mountain. That's pretty frightening just to know. You would think that alone would make inexperienced hikers that much more aware of what they were doing & maybe decide to not do it. Or in the very least take some precautions.

Rock Chef said...

AmazingBrenda - I agree about the fine. You have stapled too! Great minds and all that!

Logzie - I will say nothing against Tourists, especially American Tourists. People in this city complain about 2 things - students and tourists. They fail to see that these are the life blood of the place and without them the city could not exist.

Jen - What seems to be making the rescue teams mad is that many are treating a hike in the mountains like a stroll in the park. No thought or planning of any sort. I like the thought about arriving for dinner in style, though...

Ali said...

Oh man! My jaw actually dropped at those calls for help!
Dumb and LAZY people seem to be everywhere - look out! They're taking over the world.

Jahooni said...

That is funny. I guess when you volunteer, that is just it... "volunteer".

kenady said...

Have you ever read The Darwin Awards? A series of books about the survival of the fittest... for real. This book is all about the idiotic things people do and how it doesn't always end up peachy keen. You should snag a copy... a quite enjoyable read. It makes me thankful for my brain and the fact that I do not lack in common sense.

Reggie said...

Stupid for sure.

Terri said...

Sadly, this kind of thing doesn't surprise me anymore. People in general take so much for granted these days and don't feel the need to take personal responsibility for much.

Rock Chef said...

Ali - Maybe there is some sort of dumb conspiracy. But if they are dumb it will probably not be a very good one...

Jahooni - Yes, if they were getting paid to do it I guess it might not seem so bad.

Kenady - I love those! First time I read one I thought I was about to become the latest entry - died laughing at others stupidity!

Reggie - Yep!

Terri - I know what you mean. Sometimes I see things and am shocked that I am not shocked by it (if that makes sense?)

The Moody Minstrel said...

Maybe those are some of the same people that keep getting stuck up on top of the Elephant Rock on the Oregon coast every year and have to be fished off by a Coast Guard helicopter.

Most of them are Californians.

Rachael Rae Diaries said...

Hey Rock Chef! Logziella sent me over to check you out! she said you were awesome! So I had to!

You know I agree with Logziella on this one, were they americans? I was bored once and going through some different laws that states have and my faves were Massachusetts, Oklahoma, and Oregon! Check them out sometime.

AaroN said...

Several rescue operations in the US have taken to suing individuals for this type of behavior.