Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Old Bones

The weekend was hectic, with Saturday taken up with shopping and general rushing around, while Sunday was my younger daughter's birthday.

She was 19.

As she is now vegan, and has been for the better part of a year now, the party dinner was entirely vegan.  OK, I did do a bit of pork, but in the end this was totally unnecessary, most of it being fed to the dogs.  Mrs RC pulled out all the stops and made us a wonderful buffet of mainly Indian and Chinese style food.  It was amazing!  Even my mum, a certified carnivore, got stuck in and was full of compliments.

I took Monday off work, so that Mrs RC, our daughter and I could have a day out.  Our daughter wanted to have a day at the Natural History Museum, to feed her rediscovered interest in dinosaurs.  The trip started off badly - our first train was late, the second broke down,

and the third one stopped at every single stop along the way, but once we got to London it was all plain sailing.

The ride on the underground/subway was fun.  The girls had never been on them before, and I could see that Mrs RC was expecting it to be like the scene in Deathwish where the gang of knife-wielding thugs goes through the train robbing people.  I suspect she was a little disappointed by the lack of threatening people there, but she still did not enjoy the ride.

The museum was great fun, and we spent hours admiring the various skeletons and animatronic dinosaurs around the place.  I had not been there since I was a child, and had a strange mix of recognising the place but feeling that things had moved around a lot too.  Of course, the familiar dinosaur skeleton right inside the entrance was still there (though it is going to move soon, I hear) which probably did a lot to jog my memory.

At some point we hit the gift shop and bought a cuddly dinosaur and mammoth.  Had to be done.  She may be 19, but she is still our little girl and said that on that day she actually felt about 4 years old.  We like to see kids grow up at their own speed, there is too much pressure on them to become adults before they have finished being children.  And who am I to tell people to grow up, anyway!

Our daughter had the foresight to book Tuesday off work too, unlike me.  I try to ignore the sings that I am gradually getting older, but it was really hard that day.  Maybe they can make space for me as an exhibit at the museum?


ShadowRun300 said...

Happy 19th to your daughter! What a great way for you to celebrate. Nice that it brought out the kid in her. :)
You're a long way from being in that museum. But I know how you feel. Some days after a long day at work, I come home thinking I'm way too old for this.
I feel like I may have been in that museum before. I spent a week in London as a young teen, so it's possible. Your pic seemed to spark a vague memory....

Riot Kitty said...

I still love stuffed animals, and I'm a lot older than that ;)

Rock Chef said...

ShadowRun - Posted a couple of other photos that might jog your memory.

Riot Kitty - Absolutely! Cuddly toys are not just for kids!

terri said...

What a great way to celebrate with your daughter. Happy birthday to her! We've got nothing like that museum around here and it sounds amazing!

agg79 said...

Happy Belated 19th to your daughter! Your road trip into London sounds like a great way to celebrate her day.

I gotta admit I really enjoyed traveling the Tube when I was in London. A real adventure once you understand the system and learn how to work that Oyster card. I managed to navigate my way all across London like a regular tourist. Mind the Gap.