Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Yeah, another post!

Sitting on the living room floor while I type.  Not working on the book tonight, but as the bike is still in the repair shop so I got a bunch of stuff done on the bus anyway.

Yes, the bike is awaiting more spares.  Seems the last guy used the wrong parts when he replaced the bracket for the peddle crank.  Not impressed, but still a happy bunny overall.

Talking of happy, I am so glad I stopped the vitamins.  I feel completely different, my normal self again.  Thank God for that!  The pills were for over 50s, but to me they were just bad news.  For the first time I actually FELT over 50!  Now I am back to being 19 again. 

Oooooh Yeah! [Said in a you know who voice.]

OK, better go, Frou Frou thinks it is time for the night time walk.

See you soon!


ShadowRun300 said...

Hooray for being 19 again! Throw that bottle in the trash.
Sorry to hear your bike is in need of more repairs, but at least you got some zombie time in on the bus! A little snippet please?

Rock Chef said...


terri said...

Crazy that those vitamins made you feel so horrible. Good thing you gave them up.

Rock Chef said...

It was really nasty! Not sure whether to let the company know.

agg79 said...

Glad to hear the bike saga is working itself out, despite the setbacks.

Good to hear you are feeling better and not over 50. Those pills were obviously not geared for a young stud like you. Now, how does Mrs RC feel about a 19 year old Rock Chef?