Thursday, 16 October 2014


Woke up to the sound of torrential rain.

Yes, first day with my bike and it was chucking it down outside.

Fed the birds, rabbits and fish - got very wet just doing this.  From the rain, not falling into the pond...

There, headed off one daft comment already!

Anyway, I was just about to wheel out the bike when the rain stopped.  Just like that!  The clouds had passed over, leaving just a bright blue sky!

About to get the bike out again when the phone rang.  A neighbour had found a young hedgehog in her front garden, and everything was trying to kill it - could we look after it?

Softies that we are, I was soon there to collect the little guy.  He was a lot bigger than Sonic (the one we found a few weels ago) which is promising.  Got him home and put him in a cat carrier with some wood shavings and hay.  After I headed for work, Mrs RC gave him some water and dog food, and he seems to have had a real feast.  Hopefully we will have more luck with Sonic 2!

My daughter had an interview today, but in the event it was only a pre-interview filtering session.  When people are out of work and being paid benefits by the government they are pressured to apply for at least one job every day.  The result of this is that people end up applying for jobs that they are totally unsuited for, just to keep the people in the Job Centre happy.  This meant that this job was totally swamped with people who had no chance of being accepted.  Our daughter made the cut, though, was told whe was perfect for the job and is now through to the proper interviews.  Fingers crossed again, please!

Finally, I had a brain storm in the bank - went to do some transactions in the machine (there are no desk staff any more, just a row of machines) and made the mistake of THINKING about my pin number.  Suddenly my 2 pin numbers were jumbled together and I had no idea what the real number was.  Gah, I felt so dumb!  It was only after locking my card that I remembered what the real number was.  Oh well, the rest of the day has been good!


Shammickite said...

I'm sending good hedgehog vibrations to Sonic2. I didn't know they liked dog food. What will you do with him if he survives?
Did you ever hear the expression "enough blue sky to make a sailor a pair of trousers"? My mum always said that after the rain clouds moved on and the blue sky appeared.
Happy biking.

Rock Chef said...

We will see if we can get him to hybernate in our shed. That way we can keep an eye on him until spring.
That is a new saying to me, but it is a good one - baggy blue sailor trousers! Whoever thought that was a good idea?

terri said...

Nice start to the day! Glad the rain passed and you could give the new and improved bike a try.

Keeping my fingers crossed for interview round 2.

And here's hoping that Sonic 2 fares much better than Sonic the first!

ShadowRun300 said...

Well I WAS going to call you lucky, seeing the rain stopped right when you needed it to, but then I read about the pin number fiasco. I have had that same thing happen to me! :)
Keeping my fingers crossed for your daughter, and for Sonic 2! Can't wait to see pictures!

Abby said...

What is it with you guys and hedgehogs?? They are very cute, I hope this one pulls through.

Just catching up on you bicycles saga. I'm trying to hold out for another couple of weeks when the costs of tune-ups go down 50%!

agg79 said...

Good luck with Sonic 2. I really hope he recovers and is able to spend a long time enjoying the RC menagerie.

Good luck to your daughter in her interviews. I hope she makes it all the way thought the gauntlet to land that perfect job.

I am working my way backwards through the postings so I hope your soggy bike saga gets resolved soon.

Riot Kitty said...

Sending you very good thoughts for Sonic II! I have never seen a hedgehog in person, and you find them in your neighborhood? God, I'm such an urban idiot.