Monday, 20 October 2014

Global Warming? Bring it on!

Recent weather has been wonderful - sunny with warm breezes, the weekend had temperatures pushing into the 20s.  You really can't complain!
This was the sky this morning as I set off for work...
A bit of a nip in the air but it soon warmed up again.
Sonic 2 seems to be doing very well.  He is eating dried hedgehog food that Mrs RC found in a pet shop, plus tinned dog food, plus dried mealworms, which seem to be a read treat.  We decided that he should be OK outside, so Mrs RC spent Sunday converting a rabbit hutch for him and building a small enclosure with some dirt for him to snuffle around in if he wants to.  He seems happy enough in there.
No photos yet - he is really quite shy, and for a few days the only evidence that he was alive was that his food was being eaten and there was poop in his box!  Add to that the fact that I forgot to take a pic while we moved him from the box to the new run, and you can see the reason for my lack of pictures.  My daughter did catch a bit of video on her new video camera, but that is all.
But sticking with the hedgehog theme...

Custard is only interested in his cuddly hedgehog.  Frou Frou, on the other hand, is fascinated by it and wants to get up close and personal, spending a lot of yesterday evening staring into the hedgehog's run waiting for movement.  Apparently he did come out at some point and paid her no attention, poor Frou!


ShadowRun300 said...

Aww! Pour Frou. You probably oughta break it to her that the hedgehog may never want to be her friend.
We're having some great weather here as well. Love it!

Abby said...

Okay, I had to do a quick conversion because in America, 20 is c-c-c-c-cold! Darn our failure at converting to the metric system!

I'm glad to hear that Sonic 2 is doing well and showing evidence of proper functioning. Poor Frou Frou, though. I doubt she used to be ignored.

Riot Kitty said...

OMG, cute!!!! Dried worms? YECH. I am glad I am not a hedgehog. I can't wait to see pics!

Shammickite said...

If I was a hedgehog, I'd LOVE the dried worms! Yummy yummy.
If Frou Frou actually gets to meet Sonic 2 face to face, she may decide that he's of a somewhat prickly disposition. Custard's hedgehog is far more friendly.

terri said...

The weather has been great here as well! Recent weather reports say that this winter should be much milder than last, too. I'm happy!

One of Kacey's friends bought a hedgehog for a pet, a male. Then he bought another, this time a female. Not sure that was intentional since he was surprised when the baby hedgehog came along! Before that, I'd never heard of people having these as pets! They don't seem nearly as cuddly as Custard's stuffed hedgehog.