Thursday, 27 March 2014

Where is the time going?

The days and weeks are just vanishing at the moment, along with my bike saddle.

Yes, after doing my temporary saddle fix, as I was riding in yesterday morning there was an ominous CLICK, and the saddle was no longer attached to the bike.

Thankfully I was going slowly and was able to stop without everything falling into the road and nasty things happening to me!

Not  being a kid who likes to ride with no saddle, I walked the rest of the way to work, reading my Kindle as I went.  Book 4 of Game of Thrones...

I managed to get another bolt to fix things for a couple of days until we can get the real thing from the bike shop.  Hope it olds, I am trying to be gentle with it!

Saturday is Number One Son's 20th birthday, and he is coming home for a few days to celebrate. He is not staying home for the whole holiday as he wants to focus on revising for his exams, and knows he can only really do that properly at Uni.  Sensible kid, if only more students were like that!

Sunday is Mothers Day, so we will be giving Mrs RC a bit of pampering too - although it might include a trip out to buy some wood for her to build a new shed in the garden.  Yes, she wants wood for Mothers Day.  Hands up, how many of you girls would be happy with a few planks of wood for a special day?   No?  Didn't think so!

Another thing that is approaching fast is my trip to Lundy - we leave a week tomorrow...

Will I survive a week on Craggy Island?

Really wondering about the weather, it changes so often at the moment you really don't know what to expect!

More soon, I hope!


terri said...

You walked your bike along, while reading... and managed to arrive in one piece? I can barely walk and chew gum at the same time!

Number one son sounds like a kid with a good head on his shoulders. Hope he has a happy birthday!

And Mrs. RC wants wood for Mothers Day. Nope. Can't say I've ever wished for building supplies myself. Then again, I think Mrs. RC possesses talents I'll never achieve. But if she'd like to come build me a new deck, I'd be happy to have her do it. It'll take my hubby years to get around to such a big project.

ShadowRun300 said...

I'm with Terri. Reading and walking at the same time? I can't even do that on my treadmill. Impressive!
You must be so proud of your number one son! He deserves special treatment on his birthday. Are you making him pasta? Mrs. RC baking a cake? You'll make it enjoyable I'm sure.
Can't say I've ever asked for wood for a gift, but I have asked for a vacuum cleaner. Would love to see the new shed! She's building it herself? I'm once again impressed! :)

Abby said...

Happy Birthday to Number One Son! He sounds very sensible.

And Happy Mother's Day to Mrs. RC! I usually don't ask for anything and the family readily complies. I wonder what would happen if I asked for building materials.

You're seriously giving me nightmares with this bike saddle business.

CiCi said...

Mrs RC is awesome! Of course you already know that.

Hope the birthday is special and that the studying produces the results your son is working toward.

Mothers Day is not till May here. These traditions stem from your calendar but we just had to change the month so it would be ours. Gads.

Riot Kitty said...

Is your bike out to get you? Seriously.

We had almost summery days and now raining cats and dogs.

agg79 said...

Sounds like your bike is out to get you. I hope you triple tightened that seat bolt. Otherwise, things may not end well.