Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Trees and Stuff

Hah, I am enjoying my rides to work at the moment - the road has been closed to traffic while overhanging trees are chopped.  This one was taken before they closed it.
Here the trees are being held up by a telephone wire...
Talking about trees, Mrs RC has used up the branches from our wedding tree (which had to be chopped due to wind and rain) to make this nice rustic archway.
I love it - she is going to train the lilac (on the left) over the top.  The tree lives on!
 I had to take this pic this morning - how many parking rules can you break at once?

I make it parking on a double yellow line, parking on a pavement, parking on a cycle path and blocking a driveway.
Have a great day!  We have another of our pub quizes tonight - looking forward to it!


Abby said...

Nice photos of your day. Love the wedding tree idea! Maybe we'll have to get hitched again so we can have one too.

Over here, add "parked on the wrong side of the road" to the list of infringements.

Riot Kitty said...

If the driver was also doing something lewd, would that qualify as breaking more?

I love what Mrs. RC did!

ShadowRun300 said...

LOVE the wedding tree archway! Fabulous way to keep the tree alive. Please show it to us once the lilacs are in full bloom!
I thought the same thing as Abby when looking at the car. It's parked on the wrong side of the road! :)
Hope you're having a great time at the pub tonight!

agg79 said...

Great use of the wedding tree. It really frames the gateway well.

Was going to comment about the wrong side of the road but Abby and SR300 beat me to it.

agg79 said...
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terri said...

The archway is so cool! Mrs. RC is so creative.

Glad you're enjoying some hassle-free rides to work. I've come to the conclusion that half the drivers on the road are idiots.