Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Summer Photos

Here are a few random photos that seem to sum up my summer.
There has been a good amount of wargaming this summer - some just for fun, some vaguely serious, but it was all good.  Can't wait to finish my Scots army - that is going to be great fun to play.
The highlight was, of course, the belated Honeymoon to Malta.  What a splendid little island!
The view continues to taunt me...
The plant life was pretty good too - the survival of cacti is easy to understand, but some of the flowers looked far too delicate for the heat - but what do I know?

I just know they looked wonderful!

Late summer saw our annual camping trip.  Our youngest boy has taken over campfire duties, and is pretty good at it too!
Strolls in the country have also been a feature of this summer....

Hm, you get some strange folks in the country - even if it is only a couple of miles from town!

Trips to London were also on the cards, for wargames and meeting blog friends.

Agg brought a few gifts for us.  He gave us some sweets that looked like cookies - they were great and helped us survive the trip home.  He also gave us a bottle of A1 Sauce - something that I requested.  It seems to appear in all sorts of TV shows, movies and books, but you can't buy it here.  Our verdict?  Rather good - very similar to Worcester Sauce, but thicker so it works better when you put a blob on your plate.  I think our daughter is working her way through it.

Early Autumn brought some great sunsets...

and spiders - not so great for some people, but they do make interesting photos.  Strange critters - I like them in fields, not so much in the house.
Hope you enjoyed those!  Lunch is over, back to work, I am afraid!


Abby said...

Nice photo montage! Seems kind of weird to be marking the end of summer now, but I'll take it!

No A1 sauce? Reminds me that I haven't had that in years. And stop squeezing that poor building!

terri said...

You've become awfully talented with your camera! Your flower and scenic photos are amazing!

I can't imagine not having A1 sauce available. I think I have three bottles of it. I'm making a slow cooker beef roast recipe tomorrow that calls for it.

ShadowRun300 said...

Great pictures as always! Love the one where you're squeezing the building! I see people all the time taking pics of others holding up the Arch. You'd fit right in!
I find it funny that you asked for A1 Sauce. Maybe because I'm not a huge fan. I hope it was everything you were hoping it would be. Makes me curious as to what other products we have here that you don't.

Rock Chef said...

Abby - from watching the TV I would have thought that people used A1 with every meal!

Terri - for cooking, I would think that Worcester Sauce would be just as good, they taste very similar.

ShadowRun300 - Yes, I am the sort of person who forces someone to pretend they are stopping the Leaning Tower of Pisa falling over... There are a lot of things that we don't get over here - Twinkies was one of the big ones, but I hear they have gone now anyway!

agg79 said...

What a great summer. I really need to look to a new camera like yours as mine starting to have issues. You have some really great shots there.

I am elated to hear that the pralines and A1 sauce were hits. I wasn't sure about the pralines - they can be a bit sweet/nutty for some people's tastes. As for the A1, I'mm a fan on steaks but I tend to favor a Jamaican blend called Pickapeppa Sauce. Still, I am glad to bring you something that your daughter is enjoying. Next time I will bring a bigger bottle.

Riot Kitty said...

I like spiders outside, near my tomato plants (when they are in season.)

I love the free range kitten sign!

Rock Chef said...

Agg79 - I found that the biggest issue with buying a new camera was making sure that it had a rechargable battery, and did not expect a constant supply of new ones.

Riot Kitty - yeah, spiders aren't all bad news...