Monday, 25 February 2013

The Weekend

Having Mrs RC reading my blog has had some interesting side effects.  For example, by the time I got home on Friday she knew that I was desperate for a weekend of doing as little as possible, and was all for it.

Saturday was very cold with constant flurries of frozen snow falling, but not settling.  Mrs RC left me to have a lay in, so it was mid morning before I emerged, wearing pjs and fluffy dressing gown, to face the day.

And it was a day where I did very little apart from make pizza and make the short walk to the local shop to buy lemonade and Pepsi!

In the evening we snuggled on the sofa and started to watch our boxed set of True Blood DVDs.  Mrs RC has read the books and then managed to pick up the whole set of DVDs at a real bargain price.  We had not been sure about the TV series when it was originally shown, but it is actually pretty good.  I guess the main gripe is the gratuitous sex scenes that seem to be compulsory these days.  If they really want to make porn, why don't they just make it so those who want it can have it and the rest of us can just get on with the story?

Sunday saw another lay in, time on the guitars, time building something to go with my wargames, watching a couple of dreadful disaster movies and a short snooze on the sofa.  By evening I was starting to feel recharged and volunteered to do the evening dog walk, which was dreadfully cold but still enjoyable.  I was happy to get home and see that Mrs RC had been working on her blog and reading a few others, sometimes commenting but mainly lurking at the moment.  I think she is getting hooked - thanks for the encouragement that you have all given her!

This is going to be another busy week - I will do my best to keep up to date.

Have a great week!  See you soon!

Frou Frou joining in the "do very little" weekend.


Abby said...

My husband reads my blog, which is sometimes a good thing and sometimes a not so good thing.
Glad you got your relaxing weekend - fluffy dressing gown and all.

Rock Chef said...

Abby - Yes the fluffy dressing gown is a vital part of my lazy days... No, no pics! :-)

ShadowRun300 said...

So glad your weekend turned out the way you wanted!
I've enjoyed Mrs. RC's blog. Fun to see another side of your lives!
My hubby reads my blog only occasionally, but he knows ALL of you by name. :)

Riot Kitty said...

I haven't seen that show, but now that you mention gratuitous sex scenes...

Fluffy nightgown? When do we get to see pics of said nightgown?

Rock Chef said...

ShadowRun300 - Thanks - I have enjoyed reading her blog too!

Riot Kitty - I already said no pics - unless you want me to become "Fluffy Rock Chef"?

Shammickite said...

the fluffy dressing gown.... it isn't PINK is it?
Your weekend sounds like an ideal couple of days hiding from the cold cold snow. Now I'm going over to Mrs RC's blog to have a look.

Rock Chef said...

Shammickite - No it is dark blue. Might HAVE to post a photo just to show how macho I look in it :-)

Shammickite said...

Did you know that if you say "dressing gown" here in Canada, Canadians look at you very strangely. The correct word here is "robe" which sounds so old fashioned. But I suppose "gown" is pretty old fashioned too.

meleah rebeccah said...

That sounds like a FABULOUS weekend indeed!

PS: My whole family reads my blog too!

terri said...

Mark used to read my blog. I'm not sure he has read any of it lately. Makes no difference to me.

Mrs. RC is a natural at blogging and you're great to encourage her and help her learn the ropes.

Good to hear you had a weekend of relaxation. That is often the best way to get motivated again.

agg79 said...

Glad to hear you got your "do nothing" weekend. Sometimes we need to put it in coast and recharge the batteries.

Mrs RC's blog is coming along quite nicely. A definite interesting counterpoint to the guitars and wargames stories.

Rock Chef said...

Shammickite - Robe sounds a bit Roman to me...

Meleah Rebecca - My kids know I blog but I don't think they read it.

Terri - Thanks, I am glad that you are enjoying her blog. She is becoming quite hooked, encouraged by all the great comments she is getting.

Agg79 - Glad you are enjoying the view from the other side :-)