Friday, 15 February 2013

Rolling into the weekend...

So, how was Valentine's Day for you?
Mine started with a ride to work in howling wind and pouring rain.  On arrival I found that I had not packed fresh trousers, so it was back out into the elements to buy some  :-(
Work "happened", I guess.
The journey home was better, less wind and no rain, just the spray from the road to get me nice and wet again.
For dinner, we had steak.  Mrs RC had bought me the biggest steak she could find, and it was wonderful, going down a treat with potatoes, mushrooms and my favourite ale.  The remainder of the evening was spent watching a rerun of Peggy Sue Got Married.  A great movie, IMO - one that we saw several times in the early days.  A nice bit of nostalgia and good to see that the movie was still good.
This morning we actually had some blue sky!
The clouds were leaving and the clear sky arriving.  The sunshine, actually feeling a little warm even early in the morning, made the ride to work a joy - at one point I actually felt pitty for the poor suckers in their cars, they don't know what they are missing.
Mrs RC and I are continuing Valentine's Day into Saturday, having a day out, maybe a meal - some nice time together to recharge after a taxing couple of weeks.  To coin a phrase "We're worth it!" [flicks hair].
So, have a great weekend, everyone!  More next week!  Oh, and if you make a comment, please say Hi to Mrs RC who has started reading the drivel that I write here.  She is even hinting that she might start a blog of her own (once she can find a name that does not pull up links to dodgey sites when typed into Google) so feel free to add a word or 2 of encouragement too.


Abby said...

Sounds like a great Valentine's Day! (well, except for the wind and rain and cold and "happening" work - but other than that!) It's only just begun. And I often feel pity for poor suckers in their cars, they really don't know.

I remember "Peggy Sue got Married", it's been a while, but I remember liking it a lot. Good choice.

Magnum took this day off so we could have an "epic Friday", day after Valentine's.

And I'm waving to Mrs. RC! *WAVING* Oh, please do join the fray!

ShadowRun300 said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Mr and Mrs RC! I'm impressed that you're dragging this into two days! I have yet to even see my hubby. Maybe tonight - for a brief while.
I sure hope Mrs. RC joins the pack! The name picking was the hardest part for me... after that, it's been nothing but fun!
Enjoy your weekend!

agg79 said...

Now that's a great way to spend Valentine's Day with your sweetheart even if you were a wee bit soaked. Good way to wind up the day. Ours was quiet but good.

And heartfelt welcome to Mrs RC! I'm the crazy Texan that RC rode into London to see last year. Good to hear you are joining the fray. We welcome your wit and wisdom to this debate. Good luck on finding the right name/theme. Perhaps something that fits the mood/ personality. But don't sweat the name too much. You can always change (improve) it to fit the times/mood (just as RC).

Riot Kitty said...

She should totally blog! I'd read it.

I keep forgetting that trousers are your word for what we call pants. I suppose if you wrote that your pants got soaked and you had to go get new ones, I wouldn't think about it, but it would raise some eyebrows on your side of the pond.

Rock Chef said...

Abby - Hope your Friday was indeed EPIC!

SR300 - Hope you get some sort of celebration when you finally get together!

Agg79 - Yes, we will work on it - hopefully these comments will help her to take that first step.

Riot Kitty - Well my pants were wet too, but I had spares with me...

CiCi said...

Your Valentine's Day turned out great, fun to hear you like Peggy Sue movie too. Hello to Mrs RC, and I do hope she finds some enjoyment in blogging. It takes awhile to find your niche in blogland, and to have fun with writing blogs and not putting stress on yourself. For me, I write when I feel like it, and I like keeping in touch with the blog friends I have made over the past six or more years of blogging. There are wonderful people who blog and encourage each other, so welcome to the blan (blog clan), Mrs RC.

terri said...

Peggy Sue was a great movie. I could never quite get past Nicolas Cage talking as if he had a plugged nose through the whole movie though.

Sounds like a good Valentine's Day! We exchanged nice cards and had Chinese take-out for dinner.