Friday, 22 June 2012

My new toy

Mrs RC and our daughter went shopping yesterday.

When I met up with them at lunchtime they had clearly been busy, so I joined them for half an hour and helped them spend a bit more money.

Later in the afternoon I got a text from Mrs RC, saying that she had bought me a present.  I thought that it might be a new t-shirt or a bottle of wine or something like that.

When I got home (not long after Mrs RC and my daughter in the end), I was presented with my new toy.

A pasta maker!

Now I have wanted one of these for a LONG TIME, but when we saw them we didn't really have the money to spare, and then we just didn't see them for months on end.

Eager to try it out, I set to making dinner, mixing up the eggs and flour (yes, I just happened to have a bag of pasta flour in the cupboard!) and winding it through the machine.

The machine has 2 cutters built in, one for tagliatelle and one for vermicelli, and the rollers are adjustable so you can make the pasta as thick or thin as you want.  I did tagliatelle and, although I misjudged how thin I needed to roll it and will make it thinner next time, the result was great.  I am going to play with it at the weekend and try out different thicknesses and see what the vermicelli comes out like.

Have a great weekend!  Hope you get some nice weather - Saturday is looking OK here, but Sunday will be a bit grim...


agg79 said...

Pastarific! That is one neat little toy. My brother gave us one for our wedding many, many years ago but it got lost in one of our moves. I'm sure you will master the technique over the weekend and the results will be delicious.

wReggie said...

Never done that myself. I hear the taste is much better.

Rock Chef said...

Agg79 - Maybe I will inspire you to get another one?

wReggie - Yes, even my first attempt was pretty good - much close to what they serve in Malta than the bought stuff.

terri said...

What a great toy! I'm sure the family will love the things you come up with using that.

Our weekend looks to be opposite of yours... grim on Saturday but nice on Sunday.

ShadowRun300 said...

How fun!! I love trying new gadgets, and I'm sure your family won't mind being pasta guinea pigs while you are working to perfect it!
I WISH our weekend looked grim. Instead, we have hot, dry weather in store... still..

Abby said...

Pasta maker! How cool is that?? Keep us updated!