Monday, 11 June 2012

Did you miss me?

The last week has been manic. 

At work, my department is about to be refurbished, so I had 3 days to clear the map library.  Exhausting, but I did it.  I think I found time to read some blogs, but posting was beyond me.

The weekend was busy too.  Shopping and cooking on Saturday, while on Sunday I went to play toy soldiers at a local show.

My favourite game at the show was this one.

This game had 1 figure to represent each man who took part in the actual battle.

Tomorrow is another big day.  It will mark our 27th anniversary, and 11 years married.  You probably know that we didn't rush into getting married but we knew from the start that it was right.  Not sure what we are going to do - everything we think of won't work.  Wanted to see the new Alein movie, but it isn't showing in the day time on Tuesday.  It is on most other days.  We thought of hiring a local private swimming pool just for ourselves for an hour but they don't open on Tuesdays.  We are jinxed like this.  We are probably just going to go out on a mystery tour and see what happens!

Have a great Monday - back soon, I promise!


agg79 said...

Happy Anniversary! 27 years is nothing to sneeze at. I hope you and Mrs RC find a nice place to celebrate. Would be interesting to hear what the mystery tour turns up.

And nice staging of the Alamo. I've visited the Alamo several times.

Rock Chef said...

Agg79 - I was thinking of you when I took the photos! Glad you approve!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Sorry to hear your original plans are not working out, but sometimes the unplanned days work out the best. Nothin' like a little spontaneity to keep some spice in your marriage! :)

Rock Chef said...

Shadowrun300 - Thanks, I will bear that in mind - If we get arrested I will blame you, ok? :-)

terri said...

Happy Anniversary! You seem to do well with spontaneous type adventures so I have no doubt the day will turn out fun!

Rock Chef said...

Terri - we have to be good a spontaneous - planning does not work for us! :-)

kenady said...

Happy Anniversary!! Hope that whatever you did that day was amazing to celebrate your amazing relationship!

Rock Chef said...

Kenady - Thanks! We had a great day in the end.