Thursday, 22 March 2012

Some Photos from the Malta Trip so far

Evidence that the British used to own the place.

My first Cisk (pronounced Chisk) - I was happy to see that they sold it on the plane.  This is a Maltese beer, rather like a light beer - very refreshing after a day of fieldwork!

Flying over the alps.

Maltese farming is on a very small scale - these are the large plots!

Malta loves its churches.  A population of devout Catholics, the keep them immaculate.  This is just a small parish church.  I get to the big ones on Saturday...

The view from my room (using the panorama setting on my camera).

One of my favourite views on the island (again using the panorana thingy).  The tower on the right was built by the Knights of St John as part of a chain of look out towers.  If Pirates or Turks were spotted a warning becon was lit on top.  Think of the scene in The Lord of the Rings and you will get the idea.

More soon!


wigsf3 said...

Not only nice churches, but good priests too. When I was a kid, my favourite priest was Maltese.

Is it right to have a favourite priest?

Father Joe was the fun priest. The one priest you really felt like you could talk to about anything, not just God and stuff. He wasn't the young priest trying to be cool and stuff like that, he was just a real friendly and approachable guy. When he spoke, he could command the crowd.
In the wrong hands, mass is awful. But in the right hands, the right priest, mass is wonderful. Going to church was not a chore when Father Joe was there.

Abby said...

OOOh, great photos! I can't tell yet if they satisfy my longing to travel, or just increase it! Is it possible that they do both?

Any small dogs?

ShadowRun300 said...

Loved looking at the pics! Jealous that I'm not there. It looks incredible..... and warm! Thanks for sharing!

terri said...

The panorama option makes for some great photos! What a beautiful place.

agg79 said...

Great pictures. It is fun to post up from the road, if time (and the internet allows). How's the weather there this time of year?