Saturday, 17 March 2012

Another strange dream

I know I have some odd dreams, but the one I had last night was amazing.  Given a stupid amount of money to play with I would happily build the place I saw.

I was walking along a clifftop with my family.  A wall ran along the edge, blocking part of the view, but we could see an island with a house.  There was a causeway and a viaduct leading from the land out to the island.

It was a place that we had seen on TV (in my dream, that is, not on a real TV show) and we wanted to visit.  Searching along the wall we found a door that looked like it would lead to the viaduct and causeway, so we went through.  Once through we were faced with 2 more doors, so we picked one and headed into a long building that sloped downwards.  It was full of carved and polished wooden sculptures that had been made from drift wood.

Leaving the building at beach level we found ourselves walking on grass and surrounded by mist.  We later realised that a section of land between the causeway and a jetty had been reclaimed from the sea and grassed over.  Walking through the mist we tried to head for the island.

Then, suddenly, the sun burst through the mist revealing the grassy meadow, the cliff and buildings behind us and the island ahead.  In the meadow were animals but we could not settle on what they were - they might have been pigs, sheep or chickens!

Whatever the creatures were, this sight was so amazingly moving that we all burst into tears.  The feeling that this left in me was so strong that when I later told Mrs RC about it I actually started to cry again when I reached this point!

The mist cleared more and we headed to the house on the island.  There we found the 3 slightly crazy guys who lived there and the presenter of the TV show that we had seen this house on.

The show (only in my dream, remember) had told the story about how these guys had tried to extend their island and build a new house for their Irish Wolfhounds.  Sadly, the extra land was now slowly sliding into the sea and at high tide the house was knee deep in sea water.  The 3 crazy guys were resigned to letting the sea have its way, you can't fight it, but the TV guy was urging them to rebuild!

"You can't give up - this house is still amazing, especially at low tide!" 

This was hilarious as this guy is normally one to point out when people are trying daft things.  Mrs RC said I was laughing at one point so I guess this was it.

Then it was time to leave, so we returned across the grassy meadow with its pigsheepchickens and entered the "exit" part of the building that was attached to the cliff.  Inside we found an amazing collection of statues.  Made from polished black stone, these statues were wonderful, appearing as different things according the the angle that they were viewed from. One was an elephant from one angle but an eagle from another.  A second statue was a beautiful woman and also a hideous gargoyle.  Has this been done?  I am sure it has.  If not I should get to work!

Then we left the way we came in.

It was a wonderful place. I want to build it, live there, and allow others to visit it.


terri said...

I'm impressed with the level of detail you remember from your dream! Though maybe the fact that it was an exciting and happy dream has something to do with that.

I only ever remember wisps of my dreams. And it seems like the more I try to remember, the quicker the dream slips from my grasp. Last night, for instance, I know that I dreamed and it seemed like it went on for a long time, but all I can remember is that I was sitting next to my boss at a cafeteria style table. Why we were there and what else was going on has completely escaped me.

ShadowRun300 said...

I rarely remember any of my dreams, let alone with this much detail. Maybe it's a sign that you really should build it.
Let us know when it's done! :)

Rock Chef said...

Terri - you definitely need to work on the quality of your dreams!

ShadowRun300 - I could be like Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams! I wonder who would turn up - apart from you, of course?

kenady said...

wow! what a dream:) i have started to write my dreams down as soon as i wake up. i have some interesting ones as well! thanks for sharing...

Abby said...

Now THAT's a dream! Isn't it strange how fantastical things like pigsheepchickens seem normal in dreams?

The vividness of this dream suggests that it's got some deep meaning to your waking life. I have no idea what that is, I'm just saying...

CiCi said...

Build it and we will come. Even if it is way over there in UK.

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...


You actually finished the entire length of a dream (in and out of the dreamscape).

I never got that honour.

I rarely dream now.

Some of my dreams are a bit like prophecy. Like I dreamt of some specific students, and bad things did come their way soon after.

I try not to abuse my power. Promise :P

agg79 said...

You definitely need to lay off the pizza late at night.

That's a very vivid, detailed dream. I can barely recall much of my dreams unless I have a fever. Some might say your house/island is a metaphor for some unresolved conflict, but I'm not Freud and a dream is just a dream.