Monday, 19 July 2010

The weekend

Well the school play was great fun.

It was a schools version of the stage show We Will Rock You - so we were treated to 90 minutes of Queen songs sung with varying degrees of skill.

My son got his lines in OK - they were nice and simple, being part of interrogation scene - "Who is The Big Bopper?" and "Where are Strawberry Fields?", that sort of thing.

Friday we tried to get some help for one of my older relatives who is going off the rails again - thought things would be OK, but the weekend has been a bit of a nightmare - others are trying to sort things out today. (Update - things are now moving in the right direction for everyone involved,)

By way of light relief, on Sunday I watched some of a video that I had been lent by a "friend". It is a TV series that was shown once in the UK, on Sunday mornings in 1977. You can see the beginning of the first episode on the link below - it gives a good idea of what it is like:

Well it gave me a good laugh, anyway!

Well, hope you had a better weekend than I did!


Marie said...

I don't remember that TV series but it does look like a good laugh. The music sounds familiar though.

Have a great week!

Rock Chef said...

Marie - I would be surprised if you did remember it! I certainly didn't and I was 14 when it was shown - mind you, I don't think I was watching much TV at all at that time. Thanks, I will try to have a good week...

TechnoBabe said...

Did your son enjoy being in the play? Is he an aspiring actor, or just participated because it was an activity at school? Glad you enjoyed the play. Sorry to hear about someone in your family is having difficulty. Hope things have been sorted out now and the older relative is in a good situation.

Rock Chef said...

TechnoBabe - No, he is not an aspiring actor - everyone in his year had a part, some large some small. Things are moving in the right direction regarding the older relative - thanks!

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

The Maidens of what?!
This is a classic.... the way they built miniatures and blowing them all up. That's dedication to realize dreams.

I still don't get the tittle though.

Rock Chef said...

Shadowthorne - The series is called "Star Maidens" (I guess to indicate that they are from Space...), the rest is the name of the episode and is less important. You are right, it is classic.

wigsf said...

wacky british tv

terri said...

Your son's class show sounds like a good one! I've seen plenty of school shows with Disney songs and nursery rhymes and even songs made famous by the Chipmunks. I'd love to see one with songs by Queen. Glad your son did well!

Sorry to hear about the family problems. Those sort of things never seem to go easily, do they. Hope things remain calm for a while now.

agg79 said...

Classic tv! Reminds me of Space 1999. Always been a fan of some of the more interesting shows from the UK. Used to watch Doctor Who for many seasons.

Glad your son had a good performance. Sounds like everyone had a good time.

And I am sorry to hear of your family issues. Hope they are sorted out by now.

Rock Chef said...

wigsf - Certainly is!

Terri - We are hoping that things will settle down for a while at least!

Agg79 - I think this tried to take advantage of the popularity of Space 1999, but failed miserably. family stuff seems to be settling down now - at least for the time being.