Wednesday, 7 July 2010

A good day...

Today has been one of those days where everything seems to go right.

Woke up with a spring in my step.

Breakfast - bacon on thick toast - yummy!

Got to work at a good speed, in spite of the head wind.

Tackled a really nasty looking job - combining a pair of 18th century maps (different cartographers, different scales, different dates) and creating a new pretty version for a book. By lunchtime I had them aligned with each other.

Went to the local Mexican place for lunch - good solid, tasty food that sorted me out for the afternoon. Told the guy about yesterday's experience and had a good laugh about it. He is a guy who likes his food and made a note to avoid that place in the future.

Stopped off at the guitar shop on the way back to work and tried out one that caught my eye - oh yes, that was a great guitar. A copy of a Gibson Les Paul but this was actually better than a lot of real Gibsons that I have played, and the sound was phenomenal. I think that might be the guitar I go for when Mrs RC gets me my new one...

Back to work - time to create my new version of these old maps.

Now I am generally a modest sort of guy, I don't usually talk about how great I am, but the finished map is nothing short of incredible. I sat back and told myself what a genius I am, they are going to love this one. If they don't I will point out how amazing it is and force them to admit my genius!

Then I will stage a coup and take over the country and save it before this government destroys everything that is dear to me!

Then the world! Yes, I will rule the world and everyone will be so in awe of may amazingness that they will stop fighting and hug each other in gratitude that I have saved them!

And the BP oil leak will stop of its own accord, global climate will revert to its normal balance, and Panda Bears will no longer be endangered.


Or maybe not. We will see.


Anonymous said...

Take the good days when they come...

Shrinky said...

Ooh, ooh, ooh, I am so excited now, especially about the Panda's - WHOOHOO!!!! (skipping off to spread the word)..

..Hang on, what do you mean by, "Or maybe not"?


Rock Chef said...

Sparky - Good advice!

Shrinky - You're such a nut! :-)

terri said...

Wow! Look at the courage your good day brought you! You're ready to take on the world! I can't think of anyone better to be in charge.

Rock Chef said...

Terri - Stop it - I might just start to take this seriously!

agg79 said...

Any day you can start with bacon, has got to be a good day. Kudos on the maps. It takes a skilled eye and talent to sort through the different formats and make sense of it.

And I'm already looking forward to you sorting out the current chaos around the globe. New title, perhaps? Emperor Rock Chef?

Claire said...

I come from a family of map lovers - we frame them and hang them up on our walls!!! So I am really interested in what you do with maps!!! And I do think Emperor Rock Chef should be the new title - especially if you stop the oil leak!!!!