Thursday, 8 July 2010

Getting the gang back together

Until a couple of years ago I was part of a group of regular wargamers. Every week we would meet up, play toy soldiers and drink a few beers.

Then things seemed to get "iffy". Attendance became unpredictable, organising things started to feel like a chore - focusing on studying seemed more important. I handed over organisation to someone else and it all fell apart pretty quickly.

But we kept in touch - we have our own Yahoo Group! Yay for technology!

But I have recently started to miss regular games - playing occasional games is OK, but I need a regular fix. So from next week we will be meeting up again, once a month. I think this will give a good balance - regular games but not so often that attending and organising becomes a chore. It will be good to see the old gang again.


Shrinky said...

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, let's hear it for the gang!!

(And you have the temerity to call ME a nut? HA!)

I've witnessed a few of these open air wars - it's a great, fun day out. Oh! Today, I saw an ad on the telly featuring the middle Viking I'd snapped on Tynwald Hill - the little bugger was plugging sausage rolls (or something) dressed in his full regalia - I was totally gobsmacked!!

So there you go - you never know the heights to where your wargames may lead..

TechnoBabe said...

From once a week to once a month. Sounds like a wise change. Just my opinion.

terri said...

Sounds like a good compromise. Have fun!

Rock Chef said...

Shrinky - A Viking selling sausage rolls? Love it! Yes, I know it was a bit cheaky of me but I meant it in a nice way!

TechnoBabe - Yes, I think it will work well - keep things fresh.

Terri - I thought so - I will let you know how it goes.

agg79 said...

Been down that road as well. You enjoy meeting up with your buds and hanging out playing the games, drinking, etc. When you are the one who has to organize it constantly, it becomes a little less enjoyable. Meeting up once a month is a good compromise.

As for Vikings, we tend see them a lot in the Capital One commercials (

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Having something to do with like-minded friends is wonderful for the good ol soul. Let's you good guys blow some steam after work / study etc.

We bad guys get to wallow alone in our misery and play PS3 by our self :(