Thursday, 27 May 2010


Sitting in the park
Watching the world go past
Don't roll the ball my way
Cos I don't want to play today

I usually feel OK
But today there's too much pain
There's nothing you can do

So let me wallow in my pain

Walking down the street
Just following my feet
I don't want to stop and talk
Just follow my feet and walk

It's usually a sunny day
But today I'll just let it rain
There's nothing more to do

So let me wallow in my pain

I'm sitting in the dark
Just sitting in the dark
Got nothing to do today
Cos today there's too much pain

I usually feel OK
But today there's too much pain
There' s nothing I can do

Except wallow in my pain


Teresa said...


I hope this was merely a poem and my friend is not really hurting today but nonetheless I'm thinking about you and hoping things are ok.

I'm here for you.

terri said...

I think we've all felt that way at one time or another. Is there music to go with these words?

TechnoBabe said...

Almost sounds like a song. If the pain is real, I hope it is physical pain and not emotional pain.

Rock Chef said...

Teresa - I wrote it the day after my FIL died. Brought back a lot of stuff that I was hiding from.

Terri - Yes, there is music. Hoping to record it one way or another soon.

TechnoBabe - It is a song, really. It is emotional pain - losing my FIL has brought back a lot of the pain from losing my daughter. But today is a good day.

agg79 said...

I like the lyrics. Would like to hear it put to music. Maybe it is because of my current frame of mind but I am reminded of an old dog who wants to play but the aches and pains of life are holding him back. Very vivid.

Shrinky said...

I can only imagine the pain you and your dear family must live with - I guess there will always be days like this, though hopefully they will visit less than the better ones do. These are poignant, haunting lines, articulately expressed, and searingly honest. You have much talent, my friend. ((x))

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

.... wallow in the pain all you like but don't stay there too long!

A funny man like you cannot make your life sour in a tub of sadness.

Hide your pain, it is not good for the children to see.