Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Brain ache

Trying to work something out on my computer - each time I run it I get something different - sometimes it looks like I am getting there and then a couple of minutes later WHAM! Back to square 1!

Like playing Snakes and Ladders with the ladders removed!

Anyway, other than that things are great. Not going to rant about stuff today, although the weather has turned rubbish on us again.

Number One Son has probably got worse brain ache than I have right now - he had 3 exams today, poor kid! Still, his reward is in the post. He has been messing around trying to design computer games and I have ordered him a book that will help him with this. He is hoping to make some good progress this summer once his exams are done and dusted.

My youngest son is having fun at the moment. His year group are doing a song about their school (they are about to leave and move up to High School). They wrote the song - my son claims to have written most of what was kept in the final version. They are now recording the song - my son and his best friend have been relieved of singing duties so that they can be in charge of the recording equipment! How cool is that? They have got more or less free reign with the exception that they aren't allowed to make everyone sound like the Chipmunks. Can't have everything I guess!

And my daughter? Wishes that the school year was now over. She is getting fed up with teachers who can't find her work or make her burn things in cookery class. Still, they are off school next week so hopefully she will have a good break and the teachers will find her work again!

Mrs RC? Is rebuilding the garden - extending the rabbit run, extending the sunken part and raising up another part. All this in a very small garden - but she is enjoying herself and it helps to take her mind off our recent loss so it can't be bad when it comes down to it.

Me? After enjoying Geekfest 2010 so much, I am working on Geekfest 2011 and contemplating 2012 too! Next year it will be the Battle of Barnet - a medieval battle that took place in fog with lots of confusion and mistaken identity going on.. 2012 might be a battle between Romans and Picts on Hadrian's Wall, with the possibility of an Australian joining us! Love it. I am still playing guitar, of course, and wrote a song in one of my lunch breaks. It is really morbid and depressing but it caught my mood at the time. I think it has a lot of potential and will try to find some time to record it. Please feel free to nag me on this!

Right better go! Hope you are having a great Wednesday! Hope I win the lottery tonight - there is a little house in Michigan I want to buy.


Shrinky said...

Consider yourself nagged! And thanks for the reminder the school hols are almost upon us (see me mustering a brave smile?)..

Love the idea of that school song!

terri said...

Well there's the answer to the question I left in my last comment! Love that you're writing music and lyrics.

My boys are both done with school. Kacey is anxiously riding out the last days of her school year, ready to be set free and to sleep in again.