Monday, 17 May 2010

A conspiracy theory

My youngest came up with this idea while we were shopping on Saturday.

When we are shopping, we inevitably split up for part of the trip. The girls go one way and the boys go another. The plan is that when one lot finishes they phone the others to find out where they are and then go and find them.

But there is one problem. The buildings that hold all of the "girly" shops are built in a way that blocks mobile phone signals.

I had always thought that this was coinsidence.

Young son thinks otherwise.

A phone call at the wrong moment totally ruins a sale, doesn't it?

And what if the girls think "Ooh, maybe we should check with dad before buying these lovely things"? No signal - no call - ah well, let's just buy them then!

It all makes terrible sense to me!

What do you think?

Is this a widespread phenomenon? Are "Victoria's Secret" and "Target" cellphone proof? Are some gadget and tool shops built in a similar way?

Is it the buildings or do the stores have jamming equipment installed?

Let me know, this could be big!


wigsf said...

I know that cellphones work fine in hardware stores. I use my phone all the time at the hardware stores.
As for gadget stores. Well, most gadget stores sell either cellphones or cellular accessories, so to use the equipment, it would have to have a signal in the store.

As for cell blockage in girlie stores. I think it's done more to prevent women who work there to be on the phone all day long. You know women when they get on the phone. Yak yak yak.

terri said...

There are a couple of warehouse type stores around here... most likely to be frequented by the male population. And cell phones don't work much in these places. So that blows the theory that it's just girly stores that do this and that it's a conspiracy to allow the women to buy whatever they like.

I'm not sure I like wigsf's theory. That's a bit chauvinistic, don't you think? My husband, for one, can out-talk me on the phone or otherwise, anytime, anyplace. Why do you think I love writing on the blog so much? It's the only way I get a chance to have my say! So THERE, wigsf!


Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

My conspiracy theory was almost identical to your children's.

I wanna add more. Some of these outlets have wireless services provided for their customers ONLY inside their buildings.

So people cannot steal free internet outside :)

Rock Chef said...

wigsf - These views are the views of wigsf and do not represent the views of Rock Chef ;-)

Terri - But I thought your husband lives in the garage these days?

Shadowthorne - Ah, the opposite applies here then! "Ring the wife to ask if you can have it!"

Teresa said...

Yah...I'm w/ Terri...I'm not a big phone talker and it seems that every time we're in a social setting...My husband doing most of the talking or I'm waiting on him to stop yakking.

Rock Chef said...

Teresa - Of course a guy would argue that when guys "yak" it's because they have got really important stuff to talk about - um, like football and power tools and car stuff, like, you know really important stuff! :-)