Thursday, 3 December 2009


I was off sick - slept in until past lunchtime, only waking up to eat breakfast and take more drugs. By mid afternoon I felt a lot better and was able to take Number One Son to an open evening at the school he wants to go to next year.

The school looked great and my son had some great chats with teachers and pupils about the courses and what the school is like. One big plus for this school is that it is just over the road from the Uni where I work, so we can meet up in the odd lunch break or after school.

After leaving the school we had to go to the Tesco Metro store in the middle of the town. We wizzed around, grabbing all sorts of stuff. Then it was checkout time.

No manned checkouts.

Just the self-service ones that I hate.

Oh well.

And sure enough it all went wrong.

For a start we had more shopping than could comfortably fit into the bagging area, meaning that by the end I had stuff piled up at all sorts of stupid angles threatening to fall off.

And, of course, half way though that stupid voice started:

"Unexpected item in the bagging area".

I removed the last item.

"Item removed from the bagging area."

I put it back.

"Unexpected item in the bagging area".

I removed it.

"Item removed from the bagging area."

"Shut up you stupid bitch!"

OK maybe I wasn't totally better...

Assistance arrived. The guy had to log in, check that I wasn't trying to steal anything and then reset the system.


And the delay meant we missed the bus!


I truly hate self service checkouts!


Wreggie said...

I hate those things too. Get better.

terri said...

I'm glad you're feeling a bit better. I love the self check-out when I only have a handful of items... but same as you, when I have lots of things, there's always a problem.

Shadowthorne said...

Ha, I have to smile reading about your confrontation against the Machine. :)

Good health to you and happy schooling to your son.

Rock Chef said...

Wreggie - Feeling a lot better now, thanks.

Terri - I hate then ALL the time!

Shadowthorne - Love the capital M there...

Claire said...

I avoid those self service things like the plague - everytime it goes wrong!

morethananelectrician said...

I am a fan of the self-service check outs...but only when I don't have to talk to someone...i am successful about 75% of the time. It is always the same thing that happens to me with the unexpected item being in the baggage area...or having something so light that is doesn't register when I do put in in there.

agg79 said...

I'm not a big fan of those infernal mannless checkout stands. They remind me of other electronic innovations (Open the pod bay doors, HAL).

I only use them because when the normal lines are too long/slow.

Ali said...

I will wait in a 15 minute line just to avoid self-checkouts. They toy with my emotions.
I have to admit though...your description of what happened to you was funny :)