Monday, 14 December 2009

I almost found a bargain!

Lunchtime - out looking for a couple of extra presents for my youngest.

Went to Game and bought the expansion pack for Spore - Yeah, a good one!

The to the toy section of the biggest store in town. The toys are in the basement, along with the crockery, crystal glasses, etc. Who thought that was a good combination? Someone who doesn't have kids, for sure!

Anyway, I was nosing around and found a game that we had looked at last year but not bought because of the ridiculous price. This year it was knocked right down to £9.99, so I grabbed it.

As I left the store I phoned Mrs RC to tell her about my bargain.

The reaction?

"I hope you didn't buy it."

"Um, yeah?"

"We bought it last year."

"We did?"

"Yes, I paid a fortune for it and they never played with it."

"Oh. Better go and see about a refund then."

So I returned to the store, told my story and was given a slip to get my refund. Refunds are only given out by Customer Services on the 3rd floor.


Up the escalator to Ground.

Up to 1st.

Up to 2nd.

No more escalators. I was stranded in the middle of a sea of beds and bedding.


I started to wander, looking for another escalator, or something that would take me up.

No sign.

In the end I asked and was pointed to the distant corner of the floor. There, hidden behind a huge display, was the door to the stairs.

Upwards! Yeah!

Got to the top, to be faced with 2 signs - one way to the beauty salon, the other way to the management offices.

Hm, Customer Services must be in the Management bit, I guess. I arrive at an office door. Through the glass I could see that it was just a normal office, but lacking any alternative, I pushed open the door and asked.

Guess what? Customer Services was actually in the Beauty Salon!

So I finally stumbled in and got my refund. I have a feeling that this must rank as one of the best hidden Customer Services desks in the world!

Unless you know of a better one, of course!


terri said...

Your search for Customer Services reminded me of the Harry Potter stories and all the hidden rooms, buildings, etc. You didn't run into any wizards in the beauty salon, did you?

Rock Chef said...

Terri - no wizards, but there might have been a few witches ;-)

Shadowthorne said...

... if I were you, I'd keep the game and give it to some other kids (who is not really up-to-date with the gaming world) for Christmas.

But hey, EVERY kid knows the latest games. :)

kenady said...

very interesting that you had to get your refund from the customer service desk... we can do it right at our registers:) bizarre... and then to have the customer service desk hidden in the beauty salon on the 3rd floor that doesn't exist... hmmmmmm. maybe they don't have any customer service issues.

agg79 said...

Sometimes it is 10x harder to get a refund than it is to buy the stuff. Not only do they make you jump through hoops, over hurdles, climb 3 flights of stairs behind the mattress section, but you must do it while standing on you head and singing show tunes. I hope you got your money back and not that "store credit" crap.

BTW - since they didn't play with it last year, you could always regift it...