Tuesday, 15 December 2009

One Frosty Morning...

Today is cold - I think you can tell how cold it is by my voice - I was having trouble moving my lips properly!

I have mentioned that Mrs RC has built a fake fireplace for Christmas - here is the proof. You can see the radiator through the grill at the front. There are orange and yellow lights under the logs to give the impression that they are burning, and this certainly fools our dog, Custard, who loves to lay in front of it.

My youngest has started to collect these wooden ducks - he knitted the hat and scarf himself. Isn't that cute? Especially when you think he plays games like Gears of War on the XBox where he uses a chainsaw to kill aliens! See, these games aren't bad for you really!

More later! Have a great day!


Wreggie said...

I may be a girl...I know what you mean. That is cold.

terri said...

BRRRR! It's obviously very cold there! Get inside! :-)

The fireplace is AMAZING! Mrs. RC is one talented woman.

Love the wooden ducks. We have quite a few ourselves, though not as cute as those. Love the hat and scarf too. Looks like the creative talents got passed down to the kids.

agg79 said...

Looks brisk over there. Hope you are keeping everything warm.

Like the scruffy look. It adds character.

And I am curious as to what kind of game you get that teaches you to knit a scarf. The World of Needlecraft?

Rock Chef said...

Wreggie - Yep, and it hasn't go any warmer yet!

Terri - Mrs RC is very talented. I was really impressed with the hat and scarf too.

agg79 - Very good! But no, my wife believes that there are certain skills that everyone (boy or girl) should have - knitting and sewing are 2 of them.

Shadowthorne said...

Oh MY! This is so CUTE!!!!!!!

Thanks for sharing this charmingly domestic pictures of your abode. :)

So what? I also do foul murders in video games. Yet I can write love letters that can melt the coldest hearts :)

Chris said...

I have to ask....how cold is cold?

We hit -47 C with the dreaded windchill last night. So cold, your forehead goes numb in seconds.
I am contemplating moving to a Caribbean island and starting my very own Nursing agency. :)

Rock Chef said...

Shadowthorne - exactly - I guess I was just trying to make the point that it is OK for well adjusted people to play shoot 'em up games.

Chris - Well I know I am going to lose the numbers game - I think it was -3C over here... You could set up near where Bahama Mama lives! That would make a certain person REALLY HAPPY!