Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Talking back...

The other day, my daughter got a warning at school - for talking back to the teacher. This is very unlike her, she is normally very polite and respectful. We insist on it.

It went like this.

She had a cookery class, doing scones. Her teacher has a reputation for timing the session badly and to make up time she goes around turning up the heat on the cookers. Result? Food comes out burnt and/or uncooked in the middle. Hardly an encouraging result for the kids and certainly not something the should think is good practice in the kitchen!

Anyway, towards the end of the lesson around comes the teacher cranking up the heat. As soon as she has gone my daughter turns hers down again. A few minutes later the teacher returns and asks why the heat is still down.

"Because I don't want to burn my scones".

"Turn it up, they won't burn".

"They always do".

"No they don't".

"Yes they do. It happened to my cousins".

"Well it did happen once".

"And a lot of my brother's friends".

It was at this point that she got the warning for talking back. A touchy subject perhaps?

At the end of the lesson, all of the finished scones were put on display. Many were burnt in places or at least too dark to look appealing. Then the teacher pointed to one, declaring that it was easily the best one.

"Whose is this one?"

Can you guess who had the satisfaction of raising her hand?


Ali said...

That was hardly talking back! Trust me, I know :)

And it must have been heavenly to be the one to raise her hand. Good girl!

Rachael Rae Diaries said...

You really can't punish her for making a good call! I mean hers did turn out great! and really like Ali said that wasn't talking back! She was simply defending her case! Maybe she will be a good lawyer one day!

Rock Chef said...

You are both right, she wasn't really talking back, which is why I wondered if it was a touchy subject and kids often moan that their cooking turns out bad because of her interference.

And just for the record, we did not punish her and my wife is ready to go and have a "chat" with the teacher if she tries to make something of it. My wife certainly knows how to "talk back", ha ha!

Rock Chef said...

Now I can't shake the image of a teenage Ali "talking back"...

Ali said...

It wasn't pretty...not in the least. I was punished nearly every day :)

Rock Chef said...

Ali - might be a good blog subject. "A typical day at school when I was 13".

Terri said...

Your girl deserves a pat on the back for speaking up for herself! I agree. That was NOT talking back.

Logziella said...

That showed confidence on the part of your daughter. I applaude her. I agree with the others that it was not talking back but rather stating a point (and proving it, I might add! Ha!) and taking a stand. I get really sick of some teachers acting like 'God' and treating some students like they coulnd't know a thing. That's discrimination and certainly not building up a child as a teacher should. Oh, glad I got that off my chest! LOL!!

I think your daughter did the right thing and I LOVE that your wife is ready to defend her if need be!

Rock Chef said...

Terri - Well she certainly knows that we think she did the right thing!

Logzie - Wow. I take it you had some issues at school? I certainly did and we do everything we can to make our kids' school lives as good as possible, even if it does mean the odd head to head with teachers.

mindy said...

I love this - it is so very British:

"She had a cookery class, doing scones."

Jen said...

I think the excellent ("best one") scone should have negated her warning given for "talking back".

[Which I didn't really understand to be talking back. I mean, I saw it as an explanation as to an answer to the question the teacher asked.]

Teachers never did give us enough time in home-economics to complete cooking or sewing. It always came out crap as a result.

kenady said...

Maybe that woman shouldn't teach a cookery class.

Good for your daughter for standing up for herself!

Jahooni said...

i was going to say EXACTLY what Mindy said! Very British... scones and all. That is too funny.
Shall we see her in a fine eatery if we shall ever travel?! Good for her!

Kiki said...

I agree with everyone else...your daughter was absolutely right to stand up for herself...clearly you taught her well.

Rock Chef said...

Mindy - One does ones best to keep traditions alive.

Jen - I guess I must have been lucky. Everything I did in Home Ec (cooking, sewing, etc) got finished and came out great. I think I was in the first year where boys got to do "girl" things at school.

Kenady - the kids all agree that she is useless.

Jahooni - I think you will be more likely to see her selling pictures along the side of Hyde Park - she is a great artist like her mom.

Kiki - Thanks - we have tried to instill a sense of right and wrong in our kids and they are never afraid to stand up for what is right.

AaroN said...


Rock Chef said...

Aaron - How can one word say so much?