Monday, 3 March 2008

How Much?!!?

Had a great weekend, celebrating my wife's birthday on Saturday and Mother's Day on Sunday. Chocolate Coissants for breakfast, presents, etc, all good stuff.

The title of this post derives from what happened when we went to the local DIY/Home Improvement store to buy some stuff for the garden - my wife's main present. I know, she is an odd one and I love her for it. She is planning her spring revamp of the garden ready for the summer...

So, she selected somethings that were to be delivered - mainly a pile of concrete slabs for extending the rear patio area. Total cost - around £50. We would be getting some more stuff in a week or so once this stuff was in place. When we went to order them it was pointed out to us that the charge for delivery had gone up. It was now £25. That is $49.6 (US) or $48.6 (Canadian) for a trip of around a half a mile! We changed our minds and continued our walk to the town to do some more shopping, loading up on Easter Eggs which are really cheap this year.

On Sunday we returned, loaded up a trolley with as many slabs as we thought we could manage and used the trolley to push them home. This was great fun, as the wheels in the trolley were like those in supermarkets and were constantly trying to steer us into the road or into a hedge. But we made it, and saved the £25 too, which we used to buy fried chicken for dinner. Hah, I bet Logzie is proud of us!

Sunday also involved popping back to my dad's new house to sort out a couple of new problems that reared their ugly heads, but this was quickly sorted allowing us to enjoy the rest of Mother's Day fairly peacefully, which was good as we were both dog tired by this time and in need of a rest.

Hoping for a nice peaceful week so we can recharge our batteries!


Terri said...

Love how you made an adventure out of such a chore! AND saving money on something silly like that delivery charge always feels good, doesn't it?

Ali said...

Sounds like a good weekend - you know how much I love DIY! If I lived closer I would be right on helping you out with all that house stuff.

I loved the line about "popping" over to your dad's too - so, so english, I love it.

Princess of the Universe said...

I quite admantly think that deliveries should be charged by the km- unless that makes it really expensive for me, then I think it should be a flat rate.
Anyhow- the prices are outrageous!

Jen said...

I would love to see pictures of the garden! I heart them and flowers - I'm always in wonder and amazement by what people tap into and come up with. [I've said it before, but seriously want people to hate me b/c my garden(s) are beautiful!]

Sounds like a great weekend!

Jahooni said...

we should clone you. ;)~

Rock Chef said...

Terri - We certainly had a giggle with it!

Ali - I will have to watch myself otherwise I might start deliberately being "English" just for your benefit - don't you know, old chap?

Princess - I always thought royalty got things for free anyway!

Jen - Our back garden is very small, currently dominated by a huge shed/play house (that I am hoping to take over in the near future) trampoline and eucalyptus tree. The front is more planty, mainly hebes. Will see if I can get some good pics after my wife has done her stuff.

Jahooni - Why, do you want one? No, don't answer that!

Rachael Rae Diaries said...

Wow. sometimes the smallest things can be ridiculous! That just eats me up inside sometimes. I feel like saying oh I can just do it myself! Nice thinking though!

Logziella said...

I bet you were a sight to see with pushing all that stuff! I sure am proud of you for saving that money and treating yourselves to fried chicken...PROUD and a bit jealous too...chicken sounds good right now! LOL!!