Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Update for anyone who is still hanging around here...

Well, the last couple of months have been busy, routine, and with a fair dollop of stress from various sources.

Number One Son has been working through to the end of his Masters, having a bit of a crisis along the way, thinking that what he was doing wasn't up to standard.  His grades are coming back and although some are below his usual (not necessarily his own fault IMO) they are still enough to get him in as top of the year.

He comes home soon, for ever apparently!  Time to sit back and see what he wants to do next!

Our daughter became disillusioned with where she was working, so is now applying to go to a local University to study Forensic Science.  This means that she can live at home while she studies, which will be both nice for us and a lot cheaper for her!  Hope she gets a place!

Our younger son, Arnie, is in the middle of his exams, and has also had a bit of a crisis, not thinking that he is being taught everything he needs to know.  A ton of self study later and he is doing OK, feeling that things are going well now.

Roll on summer, eh?


wReggie said...

I'm still here.

Abby said...

AHA! So you're not a true zombie!

Your kids seem like high achievers. Never settle! I like that. Hope all turns out well. Don't be a stranger! (again)

ShadowRun300 said...

Welcome Back! I've been wondering what you've been up to. Your kid stories sound very similar to mine. My boys have been home for a few weeks already and have quickly adjusted to summer life and no school. Way faster than my hubby and I have adjusted to having them back, I must say. :)

Ramzu Zahini said...

Hello RC, it has been aeons!
I see you only posted about the curriculum activities of your brood and i wish well for them.
I also have almost been sucked into THE VOID of not blogging.
I will post more updates and promise to spend less time on facebook :)

Shammickite said...

Best of luck to all three of them. They all seem to have a good sense of what direction they want to go in.... now, me, I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up.
Happy summer to you, it's very hot here today 30C and there was a thunderstorm this afternoon.

Tee said...

So good to see you back here! You've been missed.

Your kids are so driven! Good for them, recognizing what's lacking and taking action themselves to make things right. That is not so typical of the youth of today. (Geeze, don't I sound like an old geezer?)