Tuesday, 19 January 2016


Proper winter has finally arrived in England.

Over the weekend the warmish wet weather that has been with us more or less constantly since the early autumn has been replaced by clear skies, cold, crisp air, frozen puddles and ponds, and frosty grass.

Love it!  Of course, when there is ice on the road I have to be careful, checking for traffic before pulling into the middle of the road to go around it.  I know the roads very well, but don't want to get too intimate with them  :-)

Most of England also had a dose of snow at the weekend too!  It worked its way south, reaching London and the counties to the north and west of Kent, but we had nothing.


We like a bit of snow!

Custard loves snow, and will roll in it, making doggy angels.

Frou Frou hates it, though, as she gets it stuck to the fur around her feet and between her toes.  This does not amuse her, and means that she ends up being carried home, which is not an easy task given that she is rather heavy for a small dog and we still have 2 other dogs on leads!  If we do get some snow here I suspect that there will be 2 walks.  One for Frou Frou and Spot (who is rather attached to his bed that is next to a radiator) and one for Custard.  He likes to get out and about, regardless of the weather!


Tee said...

Please send some of your proper winter to me! We are living in a frozen hell, with below zero temps. It hurts to breathe when I'm outside. And there are about 600 or so blankets on my bed to help keep warm at night!

Lucy loves the snow too, but my mom's dog is a lot like Frou Frou. He's low to the ground and his long fur gathers up clumps of snow.

ShadowRun300 said...

We got our first real taste of snow today. I love it, except when I have to drive in it like I did tonight.
I've been intimate with a few roads around here, so I can vouch for the unpleasantness of it. Be careful!
Looking forward to seeing some winter pics. As much as I hate winter, it's really a beautiful time of the year. :)

agg79 said...

This far south, we rarely get any snow. Last time we did was almost 6 years ago and it was just a light dusting and half the city shut down. I took Grayson out to the park for a run and he went bonkers. I'd love to have more snow but don't envy everyone up north having to drive in it or shovel it every day, so I guess I will keep my muggy temperatures and mosquitoes.

Watch out for those icy spots lest you and the road become one.

Abby said...

We have plenty of snow. At this point, I'd be happy to send it all to Custard.

I also hope you share some pics. And yes, be careful of road ice and traffic - not the best combination!

Ramzu Zahini said...

Cannot help it;
Winter Is Coming!

Shammickite said...

Not much snow here at all.... now I've said that there will probably be a huge snowfall just to spite me.... but we missed that huge snowstorm that hit NY and washington, we enjoyed sunshine and blue sky and not a single solitary snowflake fell while they were getting dumped on.
Out Tessa likes the snow, but the fur on her toes gets icey too, and she has to stop to nibble on it.