Tuesday, 1 December 2015


December is here, and the Spirit of Christmas is starting to stir in me.

I am wearing a Christmas t-shirt.

My DVD of "A Christmas Story" is close at hand.

I have bought a Christmas present (Secret Santa at work), and tried to buy another but failed, as it was sold out.  I will have to hit Amazon for that, I guess!

Spot is still living with us.  My mum is back at home, but not up to walking Spot just yet so he is living with us and visiting, which seems to work well.  Spot is enjoying having two homes at the moment, trying to stop the cats taking charge of my mum's house when he visits...

Work has changed a fair bit in recent months, as I have been relieved of my more mundane work and given more time to work on mapping exercises for students as well as some headroom to start probing some research interests.  All good stuff, but more taxing on the brain.  No more "oh I feel like doing something that doesn't need thought, I will update the registers".  No, my brain is engaged all day, which is good, very good, but it does mean that I am losing my grip on my Sci-fi novel, which is a shame.  I am hoping that I will adjust and be able to get back to it.  I was enjoying it.  The heroes have just "stolen" a battle cruiser and flown off to see what is really happening in the galaxy... I used quotes above because can the Galactic Emperor really steal a ship that belongs to his own navy?  If Obama decided to take Airforce 1 for a quick fly around would it be thought of as stealing?  Discuss  :-)


Riot Kitty said...

That's a hilarious comparison.

You still owe me a blog post visit!

Ramzu Zahini said...

I think Obama can make the pilot do acrobatics with the Air Force 1 if he wants.

And the Galactic Emperor ONLY takes.

Tee said...

I can relate to your work situation. I too find my work to be most fulfilling when it's challenging, but also appreciate the occasional mindless task. I hope you find time to get back to writing your book. (I am still trying to finish reading your first one ... pathetic, I know. I was very much enjoying it before I got sidelined from things like recreational reading!)

I'm glad to see you're not being overrun by the current dog population in your house. They must all get along fairly well.

If Obama took Air Force one for a joy ride ... I'm sure there are many that would want him impeached for it!