Tuesday, 29 December 2015


I have had an amazing Christmas this year.

All of the kids have been home, and everyone has been in high spirits.  Not the most sociable of Christmases. but Armie's girl friend visited on Christmas Day and me had my mum over for Boxing Day dinner. Funny, but as my mum has got older she has become increasingly manipulative.  

My mum used to be the most selfless person ever, and still is when animals are involved, but with people she now likes to get her own way more and more.  So we had been planning our Boxing Day dinner when, at some point, she drops the comment that she has not had a good curry in a long time.

Not the most traditional of Boxing Day dinners, but it was rather good.  I made a really good curry with small chunks of beef in it - and the beef just melted in your mouth too.  It was a sort of korma, creamy, coconuty, and spicy enough to be delicious but not too hot.  This was served with home made naan breads and Mrs RC made some wonderful onion bhajis.  YUM!

This Christmas has also seen the return of my cooking mojo.  At some point I lost it, and have not wanted to cook for some time, but as Christmas got closer I felt something stir in me, and I have really enjoyed cooking again.  Mrs RC has also enjoyed letting me cook too!

Mrs RC has taken up crochet again, starting by making things for a local charity shop.  Having made some dinosaurs and reindeer and stuff for the shop, she decided to make a Yoshi for Number One Son.  This was done without a pattern...

Yes, she just made it up as she went, with no pattern of any sort to guide her!

As predicted, this Christmas was very Star Wars.  Not only was the new movie released and utterly wonderful, I got some new ships for my X-Wing Miniatures collection.

I knew I was getting these ones, including the big cockroach ship from The Empire Strikes Back:

But I actually got this lot!

They are getting an outing tomorrow, when 4 of us will be having a big battle at the local game store.  It is going to be spectacular!  I will try to remember to take photos...

Hope you all had a great Christmas!  I will be catching up soon.


Tee said...

There must be something about aging that causes that manipulativeness! My mom recently told me her sister was going to come and spend a few days with her. I said, "Oh, that's good!" Mom said, "So you'll need to get that spare room cleaned up before she comes."

Ummmm.... What? I guess that will be MY job!

Your Boxing Day dinner sounds adventurous and delicious. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying cooking again. I remember when you used to write about all the fabulous foods you cooked. It's fun to see you doing that again.

And the Yoshi? Is amazing! I like to think I'm creative, but that puts all of my talents to shame!

Abby said...

Okay, I admit that I had to google "Yoshi". Mrs. RC did a great job! And it sounds like the rest of your Christmas was a success. Good job on your mom for speaking up, I say!

ShadowRun300 said...

I am so impressed with that Yoshi! Mrs. RC is incredibly talented to do that without a pattern.
Happy to hear your Christmas has been so amazing! I figured Star Wars would be a big hit in your household. Have fun with your new toys!
Your Boxing Day dinner sounds like it was delicious! Sometimes it's nice to change up traditions now and again. And it gave you the chance to practice your culinary skills! :)

Shammickite said...

Ah curry, the British National Dish! Forget the roast beef ad spuds, the turkey and the ham, just put a steaming plate of butter chicken, or beef vindaloo and some naan bread in front of me and I'm happy! Maybe I'll come to your house, you seem happy in front of the stove.
My male family members went to see S W, they loved it, I haven't been to see it yet. I have that treat to look forward to.
New Years Eve....we are heading to the Mayor's New Year Celebration in the Park.... horse drawn sleigh rides (probably hay wagon rides as there's not much snow), bonfire, hot chocolate, music, ice sculptures.
Sending you and your family Best Wishes for good health and lots of good times and Star Wars battles in 2016!

Ramzu Zahini said...

A long time ago, in this actual galaxy I had a few X wings and even a Millennium Falcon for my collection in my room.
But when I was posted far, my mom (who acted through some bad advice) put my StarWars memorabilia (including all Darths figurines you can shake a stick at) into a plastic bag and threw them away.
I screamed my head off when I returned and she never step into my room again, ever, until I moved to my own house years later.
Since then, I don't have any Starwars stuff anymore.
The pain is still there.

Have a wonderful New Year.

Riot Kitty said...

I think people - parents in particular - know that as they age they can trick us into doing more shit for them. My dad is the same way!

I love the Yoshi! I can't imagine being able to do that *with* a pattern.

agg79 said...

I agree with everyone else, it seems that as people get older, they know what strings to pull to get you to do stuff. Guilt is a finely honed weapon if you know how to use it properly.

Great looking Yoshi. I couldn't do that even with a pattern.