Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Life, eh?

The weekend started off well enough - a great day on Saturday playing Star Wars games.  I came last (my fleet was designed for fun not winning) but had an amazing time doing it.

Then, on Sunday morning, it all went pear shaped.  My mum had a fall and broke her leg.  Into hospital, metal rod screwed in place by mid afternoon, all seemed as good as it could be.  With luck she would be home by next weekend.  Except now they are saying probably another week or two, as they don't think she is improving fast enough.  Really?  She has arthritis in both knees and now has a broken leg to recover from, how much do they expect from her?  We have got her dog, Spot (previously my dad's dog, they divorced years ago but stayed on reasonably good terms) living with us now and have offered to have her stay with us for a while too if necessary, so we will see.

Our dogs seem happy enough to have the visitor staying with us, although from time to time we do catch Frou Frou with a sort of "Is he STILL here?" expression on her face.  She is a funny little thing.  At least he seems to be distracting her from trying to bite the young fish through the fish tank's glass.  It is a wonder she hasn't chipped a tooth!

Ah well, more soon.  Have a good week!


Shammickite said...

Oh dear, so sorry to hear about the accident. I hope she recovers Ok and I'm sure she would really appreciate you looking after her for a while, until she's able to manage at home.
Woof woof to Spot, bet he's having fun with Frou Frou.

Abby said...

Oh no, so sorry about your mum. Although I did smile at your "pear shaped" phrase. :) I hope she's better soon.
And I saw Spot over at Facebook. Maybe it's the angle, but he doesn't appear to live up to his name!

Ramzu Zahini said...

I am sorry to hear about your mom. Hope she get well soon enough.

I saw some Star Wars toys on display but I dont think it is worth buying as the price is exorbitant.

Where can I find space in my home for a Millennium Falcon Lego?

Hope the best for you :)

terri said...

I'm so sorry about your mom's accident. It's understandable that she'll need a little time to heal. And it would be great if she can stay with you and get the care she needs. Hope she heals soon!

Riot Kitty said...

Really hope she is on the mend soon. In the meantime it's very nice to make an addition to your zoo...

Rock Chef said...

Shammickite - Spot and Frou are sort of rivals in the "cute" and "I'm going to steal your food while you aren't looking" sense. Fun for us!

Abby - Spot only has a couple of tiny slightly grey bits on his ears. My dad had no sense of reality when naming animals :-)

Ramzu - Forget Lego, you need to collect X-Wing Miniatures!

Terri - Looking good - might be back in her own house tomorrow!

Riot Kitty - Yes, we are enjoying having him stay with us, he is stirring things up nicely!