Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Remember me?

Wow, is it really that long since I posted last?

Been ridiculously busy, work has been insane but I am coming out of it all smelling of roses, which is nice!

Anything worth mentioning?


Oh, the baby fish are continuing to grow and thrive, although at amazingly varied rates.  Some don't seem to have grown much at all, still looking like little tadpoles, but others have grown into real fish, about half an inch long now, with fins, tails and everything.  I will try to get some more photos soon.

Arnie, our younger son, is back at school again working on his A Levels which he will finish when he is 18 and ready for Uni.  Seems to be enjoying it, a lot of his friends are doing the same thing, plus there are a few more that have moved across from other schools.  He has already met up with someone that he went to junior school with but they then went to different schools when they turned 11.  Also he does not have to wear school uniform any more, which he likes.  No more blazers with school badges!  He is a grown up!

My bike was getting a bit creaky and rattly (??) so I decided something needed to be done.  I love that bike and did not want to replace it, so I paid for it to be completely stripped down and rebuilt.  It was not as expensive as I had expected it to be and the result is fantastic - like riding a brand new bike, except it is my old faithful.  Think it might need some new pedals in the near future, though...

So, that is about it right now, more soon, I hope!  Time to catch up on reading blogs too!


Abby said...

Yes, it has been that long.
Glad to hear your fish are thriving as it takes my mind off my fish.
And I've heard the term before, but just what the heck are A levels??

My Alice (bike) had also become rattly and creaky, and I broke down and took her to the shop. She got the bicycle equivalent of a butt lift and is so happy!

Riot Kitty said...

Good to hear from you! I just had a car repair and no more rattles or creaks...YAY.

ShadowRun300 said...

Yes. It really has been that long. Not that I can talk. Been a bit busy myself.
Glad you got all your creaks and rattles worked out. I have a few of my own, but not sure I can be stripped down and rebuilt. :/
Looking forward to seeing more pics and hearing more proud papa stories.

Shammickite said...

Well, I suppose you have been busy, so no posts for a while, We all get like that sometimes. Better to be busy than otherwise. Good news about the fish. Any spuds in the garden for chips to go with the fish once they get big enuf to eat?

agg79 said...

We've all wandered off the blog reservation now and again for different reasons. I am a textbook example as well. Been distracted with life and neglecting my chores. Good to see you back at the keyboard. Sounds like the old bike needs some attention as well. Or, is all that creaking & rattling is coming from the rider, perhaps?

terri said...

Yep, it's been a while! Good to see you back here! :-)

Seems like a good plan to have the old bike rebuilt. Why go to all the trouble of finding something new that you like just as much, when you can just restore the one that fits you so well?

I'm surprised to hear the fish haven't exploded into their adult forms. I thought they grew so fast!