Monday, 29 June 2015


Where did the time go?  I just feel like life has been a bit too busy lately!

But I am still here!

One thing has been that I have just felt a bit washed out recently, but I have found the reason for this.  My bike has acquired a wobbly back wheel recently, and I finally got it fixed yesterday.  I had not realised how much extra energy I was using just to move the bike along the road!  This morning I flew along with ease...

We now have a pair of nesting doves loving on our house.  For 3 months they have been trying to nest in the most ridiculous place...

Every time the hen moved, everything just fell down.  So, having the chance to borrow a ladder,  Mrs RC quickly put together something that might attract their attention.

They are not using it quite how we expected them to use it, but it is a success anyway.  Here they are in the process of moving they hay from the intended next area onto the roof, where they have decided to nest.

I have still found time to play more Star Wars.  On Saturday I went to a local tournament, at the last moment deciding to use this squad, which everyone thought was a joke, having what are generally thought of as the least dangerous ships in the entire game.

After my first easy victory everyone started to change their minds about how nasty the old Y-Wing was.  In my second game I beat a guy who totally trashed me last time - it was hilarious to see his star pilot drifting along, smashing into asteroids after being shot up by my guys.  I ended up winning all 3 of my games, coming 2nd overall (out of 10 players).  It was a great day for the underdog!  :-)


Abby said...

We have a light fixture on our front porch that doves try to nest in every year. It's SUCH a bad spot. I took to knocking down their daily efforts when they weren't around - sometimes several times a day - so they would decide to look elsewhere. It was for their own good!
A y-wing? As in Y not have an x-wing?
And a wobbly rear tire? Where have you been riding??

Riot Kitty said...

Hooray for Mrs. RC! You have so much neat wildlife there. My cats would be licking their lips.

Rock Chef said...

Abby - Why use Y-Wings was the general thought before the games started. I have only been riding around the roads, but a rough estimate suggests that the bike has done about 15,000 miles, so a worn out axle is only fair!

Riot Kitty - We do lose the occasional bird to the local cats, but Frou Frou generally does a good job of keeping them away.

ShadowRun300 said...

Congrats on the big wins! And coming in second overall is quite an accomplishment.
Seems to me like the doves don't want to take the easy way out. Perhaps they feel more accomplished if they can raise their family in difficult conditions. Looks like they appreciate Mrs. RC's efforts anyway.
I bet biking is a breeze now that your bike's not wobbly anymore.

Rock Chef said...

ShadowRun - yes, cycling is so much easier now it is amazing! Looking at the doves now, I can see why they chose to use the top of the next box - very snug under the eves of the house, nice and sheltered. Guess they aren't totally stupid!

terri said...

Yes, you have been noticeably absent lately ... but every time I wonder where you've been, I just think you're probably working on that next book!

Glad you got the wobbly tire fixed! It's no fun when you get home from work and you're too tired to enjoy anything else.

We've had our share of nesting birds. We always have at least one Robin's nest under the deck. This summer we're watching both baby Robins and baby Wrens.

Rock Chef said...

Terri - Oh, the new book is slowly rolling along... We had a Robin all winter, but we vanished at about Easter, so I guess he moved on for the summer. Hope to see him again this winter!