Thursday, 11 June 2015

Catching up!


What can I say?  Been pretty busy around here, getting involved in stuff at work that I normally stay clear of.  But it is all positive.  There is a bit of reorganisation going on here, and it is looking like I am going to come out of it smelling of roses, as they say.  Subtle changes to my job, losing some of the dull stuff, doing more of the interesting stuff.  Looking good!

Number One Son comes home on Sunday.  He is usually home earlier than this, but he had some stuff to do relating to his Masters Degree that he is taking next year, and one of his female Uni friends is getting married, so he is going on her Hen Night.  I was a bit concerned about this at first, imagining him being exposed to male strippers and the like, but no.  This friends is "a nice girl", and her party is taking place at a trampoline centre.  The worst we are imagining is him falling off and breaking something  :-)

Mrs RC has been moving things around in the garden recently.  We are letting the rabbits and hedgehog run together in a bigger enclosure to see how it works out.  Seems to be good so far, with the rabbits running around but seeming to get on OK.  Chuffington is still eating and pooping, so he must be coming out of his house at some point in the night.  He used to "talk" to the rabbits through the wire before, so they are not total strangers to him.  Hope it carries on peacefully!

I was recently bought a present:

It goes with my Star Wars collection, making a real centre piece for the games  (I have put a normal sized fighter next to it for comparison).  We tried it out on Monday.  It managed to give Darth Vader a rough ride before some Imperial bombers blew it to pieces with proton torpedoes.  Great fun for all!

Tomorrow is a big day - Mrs RC and I will have been together for 30 years!  I have taken the day off work and we are going to an local wildlife part for a picnic.  Should be a nice day!

More soon!


terri said...

Happy Anniversary! 30 years is awesome! Hope you have a fantastic day at the wildlife park. Bet you get some good pictures on this adventure.

"Hen night" is not a term I've ever heard before. Much more creative than "bachelorette party." They'll have a great time at the trampoline park. We've got one of those nearby and it's a huge success. People of all ages go there.

terri said...
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ShadowRun300 said...

Congrats on 30 years! Quite an accomplishment! And you two seem like you're on track for another 30.
I like the term "hen night". And what they have planned seems like it would be a great way to celebrate!
I bet you're excited to have number one son home again. I'm sure you'll make the most of his summer visit. :)

Abby said...

30 years! Congratulations to you and the Mrs. What's your secret?
Reorganizing at work can be traumatic, but sounds like yours is all positive.
And... "Hen night"? What is this Hen night? Strippers, you say? Trampoline park sounds higher on my approval list too. Although we have one nearby, and when I rode past a couple of days ago, there was an ambulance out front. Just sayin...

Rock Chef said...

Terri - Thanks! Yes, I think they will have a good time - although he got the date wrong and it is next weekend... My genius son! :-)

ShadowRun - Yep, looks like we are in for the long haul! Why spoil something that is so good? And it is great to have him home again, going to be a lot of fun.

Abby - Our secret? I would say that not blaming each other for what life throws at us is a good start. Just being nice to each other also helps. But we seem to break all of the "rules" that the "experts" talk about too. EG we hear all the time that you HAVE TO ARGUE for a relationship to last. Not us! Oh, and a Hen Night is what you might call a Bachelorette Party - the bride's night out before a wedding. At its worst it involves huge amounts of alcohol, male strippers, being sick in the streets and ending up in a cell :-) OK, the last bit is extreme, but the rest seems to be expected these days.

Riot Kitty said...


And I forgot all about the propon torpedoes. Which might be what Chuffington is leaving you in the backyard ;)

Rock Chef said...

Riot Kitty - Chuffington is very considerate, and has a designated pooping spot!

Kimberly McKay said...

WOW! Happy Anniversary!