Friday, 12 December 2014

I gave in...

Last night we had our Christmas Pub Quiz.  It was a busy event, the pub was jammed solid and a good time was had by all.

We do our questions with the intention of making it a light hearted affair.  For example, one round was photos of famous and infamous people with Santa heads superimposed on them.  The questions are printed onto sheets so each team can gather round and discuss them.  This is much better than trying to ask each question verbally...  Things are pitched so that by the start of the 4th and last round, most teams are in with a shot at victory - I don't really enjoy them when the gap gets too wide and half of the teams give up trying after a couple of rounds.

So, a fun evening and a few beers later, I headed home on my bike. The road was amazingly clear, so I cranked up the music and made good time.

But it was still very late by the time I hit the sack.  Can't remember the last time I saw 1am!

Then there was this morning.  I drifted awake to the sound of high winds and rain.

My body just did not want to know.  It wanted to stay in bed for the day.

But I got up anyway, sorted the bird table, fed the rabbits and fish.

Then, instead of getting my bike out, I caught the bus.

It doesn't happen often. 

I hate the bus.

It makes me feel sick.

And it took over an hour to get me to Canterbury. 

My normal cycle time is 40 minutes.  Might have been more than 40 minutes this morning, of course, with the wind, but the journey was still long.  On the bright side, I did write a few more pages of my book as I sat there as the bus chugged along, so all was not lost.  It was strange to sit on the bus with the wind and rain out side and write about bathing in the warm sea on a hot summer's night in the Mediterranean.  I wanna to back!  I need a week or two to top up my research for my book!

Not too much to ask, is it?


Abby said...

Hmmm... is it a good thing that your zombies have better conditions than you do??

Pub quiz sounds fun! And I hear you on not feeling very bikey for high winds and rain. Funny how riding the bus makes for a longer commute than the bike, but I have the same situation. At least you made the most of your ride!

agg79 said...

Yea, we're getting too damned old to hang out until 1 am without paying a heavy price. I used to be able to pull an all-nigher and still stagger into work/class in the morning. Nowadays, if I stay up past midnight, I am worthless until noon.

Good that you were able to bang out as few more pages of the saga. Maybe something about fighting off the walking dead with a hangover?

terri said...

Pub Quiz sounds great! Some of the bars and restaurants around here regularly have trivia contests or Bingo, but nothing like Pub Quiz.

I am not much of a night owl anymore either. Anytime I'm up past midnight, I know I'll be paying for it the next day. No, I'm getting old. I can get up in the morning easily before dawn, but I can't keep my eyes open much beyond 10 pm.

ShadowRun300 said...

I saw 1 AM this week too. And I spent the whole next day recovering. Didn't always used to be so hard. :)
It does seem funny that the bus takes you longer than biking, but at least you put the time to good use. And if you need help doing research in the Mediterranean, let me know. I can be there in a jif.

Shammickite said...

I've never been a contestant in a pub quiz, but that's probably a good thing as I'd obviously shatter the opposition with my huge bank of knowledge. And I'm so humble too.....

Riot Kitty said...

Research purposes might be tax-deductible ;)

Shammickite said...

Have a quick look at my blog post about the Farm Equipment parade, there's a video there that you might like, just plug your ears! :-)

Furry Bottoms said...

When they promised the town a massive tree, I had to really chuckle at the picture. They went massive in width, not height. All the trees were cute though.